When you live in the world's poorest nation, life is an adventure of faith. Thank you for sharing the adventure with us!

The Lady from Mount Heha

Goretti Wege is one of Burundi's leading ladies and a real light in the GLO team. Born and bred on the slopes of the country's highest mountain, she narrowly survived the Civil War and now serves tirelessly as General Manager of Kings Conference Centre (KCC), leading a team of 20. Goretti came to faith aged 14 whilst meeting together with a group of three other girls at High school to study the Bible. She is still friends with two of them. At weekends they used to go in search of food and wood to help old people in the village. Goretti says the highlight of her job is seeing people arrive at KCC feeling tired then leaving a few days later refreshed and with their spirits lifted. The crisis of 2015 was heartbreaking as KCC had to cut their staff team by half but praise God, they managed to keep the business going throughout the year, whilst many hotels had to close down. Those who are still employed at KCC decided to tithe their money to those who lost their jobs and the whole team still meets regularly to pray together, like a family. The next extension of KCC brings hope for more jobs in the future.

When talking about her faith Goretti said she has learnt to forgive every day.

Ask and you will receive!

Jobs are a scarcity in Burundi so whilst he was at school, every day, Thierry used to pray that he would find work to start as soon as he finished his studies. The Friday of his graduation from High School, a friend called to tell him to go to KCC, which was recruiting. He started work on the Monday. He had also petitioned God for a specific salary and at the end of the month, imagine his delight that his salary matched what he had asked for! Thierry is also an answer to prayer for the whole KCC team and customers, providing the best customer service in the restaurant.

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