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Building Homes for Widows and Children

In the Bubanza region the village of Ciya was attacked frequently during the Civil War. Many women were widowed. They fled across the border to the Congo. When they returned they discovered their homes had been destroyed. GLO's newest partner, J-Life Burundi works with these widows and orphans, helping them get out of debt and building new homes, like the one pictured here.

Homes of Hope Holiday

Children from the Homes of Hope orphanages are now back at school after their summer holiday. By experiencing a family environment, it helps to prepare the children for integrating into the wider community in the future.


Banquet for Burundi

Thank you to everyone who made the Banquet for Burundi evening at Harrow School such a success. 94 people attended including Onesphore Manirakiza, the Burundian National Director of GLO. The occasion raised vital funds for our work in Burundi, including equipping a new computer suite and library for Gitega International Academy, thanks to the generosity of those at the banquet. If you'd like to host your own Banquet for Burundi, please email sally(at)

Burundi Youth for Christ Thanksgiving Day

Burundi Youth for Christ held a special thanksgiving day to celebrate all that God has done through them in the past 17 years. They started with nothing but the seed of a vision and now there are 110 children living in three orphanages. Burundi Youth for Christ Schools are regarded as the best in the country. Read all about it in the newsletter here.


MBE for Simon and Lizzie Guillebaud

Huge congratulations to Simon and Lizzie Guillebaud who have both been awarded an MBE in the Queen's birthday honours list for their years of service to Burundi. Simon set up Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) in 2003 in response to the huge needs of the country. He and Lizzie have stayed committed to Burundi and still live there despite the crisis. GLO brings hope to around 75,000 people every year.

Gitega International Academy Graduates

It's an amazing achievement for Burundi Youth for Christ as they celebrate their first graduation class. This leading school is now accredited so that pupils can qualify to study in the States for university if they choose to do so. The school provides superb boarding school education in English and instils strong values of compassion and leadership. It's proven that education is the best long-term strategy for countries to be lifted out of poverty so this is great news for Burundi.

Great Biking for Burundi

The 5th annual GLO African Cycling Tour was a huge success. In stats, 13 riders from 5 nations cycled just shy of 500miles with nearly 50,000ft of elevation, eating 764 bananas, 392 gels and  521 energy bars (give or take), drinking 511 litres of water in 7 days, and a beautiful sum of money was raised for the work in Burundi. Like to take part next year? Please email info(at)

'Flipchart' Baby in Vineyard Church Kayanza!

EE visited a Vineyard Church in Kayanza with their flipchart presentation. The lady pictured left was there. She had endured multiple still births over many years. She was pregnant when she attended the EE event and she shared her problem with the team. They prayed for her. As you can see here, the lady finally gave birth to a beautiful baby!

Famine - Killed for stealing Crops

Famine has affected the North. It's so desperate that some people have  been killed or imprisoned for stealing crops from neighbouring fields. Others have abandoned children to flee to the Congo because they can't bear to see their children suffer. Praise God for Harvest Initiative supporters who have funded emergency food distributions. If you'd like to help us tackle malnutrition, please email info(at) or make a gift here.  Thank you!

New base for Milk for Transformation

The Milk for Transformation project is an innovative social enterprise established in a rural community with 400 families and farmers. It is now starting to develop a new base and outreach in Gihanga, Cibitoke, an area of the country most affected by the recent famine in East Africa.  

GLO partner welcomed by Cross of Nails Community

Congratulations to New Generation, our street children partner, on being accepted by the Cross of Nails Community. This is in recognition of the outstanding work of New Generation towards peace and reconciliation in Burundi.

New Generation - Gir'Ubuntu project

New Generation plays a key role in the strategic Christian Initiatives for Peace project. It draws crowds of young people through football and concerts in order to encourage them to keep out of the violence. This project is called 'Gir Ubuntu' or 'Be Human'. New Generation has worked with street children in Burundi for over a decade and is a hugely positive influence on the streets.

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Christian Initiatives for Peace (CIP)

CIP is broadcasting across radio and TV stations reaching millions each week. Churches and christians are coming together in unity to pray for peace. Ten different christian organisations are working side by side to promote stability within the country. The work is high profile and dangerous but the teams are determined to take a stand for peace. The stories are too sensitive to tell.

Listen to Simon Guillebaud: 'How do you find hope when everything seems hopeless?'

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