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GLO partner welcomed by Cross of Nails Community

Congratulations to New Generation, our street children partner, on being accepted by the Cross of Nails Community. This is in recognition of the outstanding work of New Generation towards peace and reconciliation in Burundi.

Dieudonné Nahimina was presented with the cross of nails in Coventry cathedral on 18th November and also attended a meeting at the House of Lords.

Meeting angels at Harvest Clinic

A member of the Batwa tribe said visiting the Muramvya health clinic run by Harvest Initiatives was 'like meeting angels'. Previously he'd been turned away for healthcare because of discrimination against his tribe and he had to walk several miles for treatment. The clinic is now serving hundreds each week. Most of these people previously had no access to healthcare.  

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New Generation - Gir'Ubuntu project

New Generation plays a key role in the strategic Christian Initiatives for Peace project. It draws crowds of young people through football and concerts in order to encourage them to keep out of the violence. This project is called 'Gir Ubuntu' or 'Be Human'. New Generation has worked with street children in Burundi for over a decade and is a hugely positive influence on the streets.

200 malnourished children identified

The Milk for Transformation project is a business and it has been hit more than most during the crisis. Against the odds it is reaching into the most desperate situations. See the video here. We are helping support  a rural community with 400 families and farmers in Ryasera, as well as the wider economy here. Drought has now hit Burundi and 200 more malnourished children have been identified.  If you'd like to help, you can give here.

Christian Initiatives for Peace (CIP)

CIP is broadcasting across radio and TV stations reaching millions each week. Churches and christians are coming together in unity to pray for peace. Ten different christian organisations are working side by side to promote stability within the country. The work is high profile and dangerous but the teams are determined to take a stand for peace. The stories are too sensitive to tell.

EE children graduate

EE carry on their work of sharing the love of God across the country, through thick and thin. Pictured here are members of a group of 37 children who took part in their project in Kirundo.

Dream Comes True

Gitega International Academy (GIA), one of Burundi's leading secondary schools, now has its own multipurpose hall. Seating up to 800, the new hall makes space for whole school assemblies and much more. It also releases  classroom space for the new Year 7 intake. Run by BYFC, Burundi Youth for Christ, there is zero tolerance of cheating at GIA. The bigger dream is to raise godly leaders for the country. Read more news here.

Listen to Simon Guillebaud: 'How do you find hope when everything seems hopeless?'

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