Sharing the Burden

For a long time, I have felt drawn to stand with and pray for the ‘GLO ladies’ – a mixture of women leading Partner organisations and the precious wives of our male leaders. It’s been a joy to gather together with them on my recent visits to Burundi and to facilitate honest conversations about our daily joys and heartaches, often with tears. Personally, I couldn’t survive my Christian journey without special prayer partners to share with regularly – but I

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Jean trembled as he met with Onesphore. With every ounce of humility he could muster, he said, “I…
For over fifty years, Yesaya was notorious as an aggressive and ruthless Witchdoctor in the Kabanda hills. With…
GLO Partner New Generation have been visiting Gatumba, a region severely impacted by flooding, with thousands displaced from…

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If you’re looking for inspiration to raise funds for GLO, our new themed challenge is called 'Uphill Struggle'. By attempting something that isn’t easy for you, you’ll not only be raising vital funds that will transform many lives but will be standing in solidarity with Burundians, identifying with their daily struggle.

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Stories of Hope

We have over 20 partners who work with the poorest and most marginalised communities in Burundi to bring about sustainable and strategic change. Read more about it here: