Can you help us to bring lasting transformation to many precious lives in the poorest nation on earth?

GLO identifies, equips and empowers the best local leaders of passion, integrity, gifting and vision for the transformation of Burundi, bottom-up and top-down.

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Courage and Conviction!

Imagine yourself without family or friends, unable to claim any support from the state. Unemployment is sky-high, so no work is available, and everybody in your community is poor. What will you do? How will you survive? And when a man comes to you, offering money in exchange for your body – what do you say? This is the heartbreaking choice countless women face in Burundi. Many simply see no option, especially when they have children to provide for, who

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As spring arrives, I’m sure there’s only one thing on the mind of the average British person…‘the cricket…
Like any other wife in a small Burundian village, Anastasia earned her living as a farmer. She enjoyed…
In Burundi, illiteracy rates are sadly very high, especially among older generations. Even today, many children are unable…

Inspirational Leaders

Charles smiles standing in front of green trees

Charles Nkazamyampi

Charles Nkazamyampi is the founder and leader of the of Foundation Charles Nkazamyampi (FCN). He is a national hero because he won the silver medal

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Featured Partner...

Burundian Schoolchildren outside gathered and smiling, looking in all directions

Harvest Initiatives

Harvest Initiatives is a local Burundian Christian non-profit organization which was founded in 2000 by a team of 7 students, led by Onesphore Manirakiza. Their

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By donating to GLO each month as a GLO Ambassador, your support will enable and maintain a host of life-saving and community-transforming initiatives in Burundi.

A little goes a long way, and GLO has stringent policies in place to ensure financial integrity and accountability, so you can be assured that your seeds of provision will keep on sprouting hope and opportunity for many.

If you’re looking for inspiration to raise funds for GLO, our new themed challenge is called 'Uphill Struggle'. By attempting something that isn’t easy for you, you’ll not only be raising vital funds that will transform many lives but will be standing in solidarity with Burundians, identifying with their daily struggle.