Dance for Joy!

The children dancing here have been rescued from the streets by a GLO partner

This year we’d like to invite YOU to join in the fun of a Burundian Christmas celebration! After the Christmas meal, many folks just get up and dance, dance, dance! Often families praise and worship together well into the night.

The needs are SO great, we’d love to send as much JOY as we can to Burundi this Christmas, so please do join in.

Here are just a few examples:

  • £10 could provide the joy of a Kirundi bible and cover
  • £50 could provide a Christmas gift
  • £170 could buy a sewing machine
  • £750 could help a child come off the streets
  • £1000 could teach vulnerable communities to read and write
  • £6000 could build a new brick house for a widow

Give joy now

Our teams on the ground will make sure your gift goes where it is most needed.

Or give here to provide JOY ALL YEAR ROUND (monthly donation)

Thank you!

Simon Guillebaud


Watch Grace introduce #theglodance

watch Grace

Play the music and join the dance

Turn up the volume, click the play button and join in the Christmas celebration, Burundian-style!

Share your joy

Check out our Burundian dance campaign coming soon on social media

We’ll be posting new dance moves soon and ways to post your own, so do check back in and share with your friends and family! Please help us share as much JOY as possible!