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GLO works with strategic visionary local leaders of passion and integrity, to transform Burundi and beyond.

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Easter Bible Appeal

For the price of a Galaxy Easter Egg, a young person in Burundi can receive the life-changing Word of God. 

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Steady, ongoing support provides an anchor during challenging times. Help us invest in long-term solutions. Your donation is targeted to wherever it is most needed month by month.

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Growing future leaders

When he first joined the orphanage, Thacien just wouldn’t stop eating. He has done so well he recently won a scholarship to one of the best schools in Burundi, Gitega International Academy (GIA).  There is hope for Burundi thanks to your support for children like Thacien and schools like GIA.

Life expectancy increases by 20 years!

Where do you go when your home is the forest and you are banned from where your people have lived for centuries? Such is the lot of the Batwa people (or pygmies) who are treated as less than human in Burundi. No loos, no schools, no water, no healthcare, no jobs and worse, meant their average life span was only 27 years. Your support has already helped us increase this by 20 years in some Batwa communities and this amazing work continues to grow! 

Fighting corona by foot!

Kings Conference Centre (KCC) is so much more than one of the nation's best hotels.  KCC is truly a light in the city, a social enterprise carrying out its business with integrity, helping fund the work of Scripture Union around the nation. KCC recently installed a foot-operated handwash station in front of KCC. The Minister of Health has been so impressed he is going to replicate this in other places.

and their supporters...


“All the GLO projects are so  clever, getting to the root of problems and providing sustainable long-term solutions.”


"GLO is phenomenal. The people we are partnering are so special.  Their faithfulness and courage in the midst of very difficult circumstances blows me away. It was so humbling to meet all of them after many years of praying for them. The future of Burundi depends on them. Our prayers are making a real difference. Please keep praying and giving. Thank you."

Hopper Family

"I was privileged to take part in Bike for Burundi, to meet the partners and to witness the incredible work on the ground. Now we support GLO as a means to serve God, as an act of confidence in Simon's efforts and a faith in a better future for Burundi, a country unfortunately overlooked and left behind." 

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Every donation, small or large makes a difference to someone in Burundi. The needs in Burundi are great, but your giving will make a huge difference!

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