A Desire for More

A Desire for More

It's never too late to accomplish your dreams. God's timing is always the best...

It's never too late to accomplish your dreams. God's timing is always the best...

Desire is a Bujumbura native, the three born of 10 children. Born into a low-income family, his parents couldn’t afford a lot for them. Passionate and driven to be great, Desire always felt like his way out of poverty was to have a university degree. Unfortunately, after completing high school, he failed the national exam, which would have granted him to study in the university, and his parents weren’t capable of paying for his tuition fees.

Still wanting to further his studies, Desire decided to work and fund his fees.

For years he worked as a brickmaker, more like a traditional brickmaker. He would spend hours digging for dirt and clay, mix it with water, then burn it. For one week, he would get one 10,000BIF ($5).

He’d been working for years, and he saw what he made working for someone else couldn’t even sustain his needs. He then decided to join one of RAJEDES microloans groups, where he went through self-reliance, money management and other training. 

He saved up in his microloans group for three months, which allowed him to ask for 900,000burundian francs ($450). He decided to quit his job and start his brickmaking business.

Désiré currently has two permanent workers and 13 day-labourers; he has a capital of 2,000,000 ($1000), he was able to pay his loan at RAJEDES. He believes his capital will increase so he can hire more workers.

At 35 years, Désiré has started his university studies, which he funds with his income. He also helps his family and his little brothers have school materials. He believes it’s never too late to accomplish your dreams. God’s timing is always the best.

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I would like to help Rajedes help others