A Divine Encounter!

A Divine Encounter!

I have been changed and I have also changed others!

I have been changed and I have also changed others!

Simon Guillebaud GLO
Simon Guillebaud – GLO Founder

I love these stories! We get bombarded with so much bad news in general, that all the more I see it as part of our job at GLO to tell inspiring tales of overcoming. Meet Divine:

She was an orphan living in Nyanza lac in the South of Burundi. She was married young to a boy who mistreated her, indeed whose family rejected her and maligned her such that she preferred to flee to the streets. She was left with no other apparent option other than to sell her body to survive. 

That was five years ago.

Just a few months back, she came across the work of our partner Together for Development (TfD). She got trained up in sewing. She discovered that she had value, that God loved her, and wanted a healthy pure relationship with her.

What a transformation!

She is such a dynamo that she now organises a self-help group of 30 ladies. She’s led 15 of them to Jesus, and 12 of them out of prostitution. Each Wednesday she meets with them to share God’s Word and encourage them through life’s trials. 

Ephraim, leader of TfD, visited her two weeks ago, and she said to him: “I don’t have any family – no brother, no sister – you became my family, don’t abandon me.” He won’t, and in the meantime gave her a chicken! Here he is filming her and translating some of her testimony.

Love it! Go Divine! Thank you Lord!

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I just listened to Divine sharing how she came out of darkness to know Jesus and help others in there life.
Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful 😊✝️

Such beautiful stories, it warms our hearts to see what God is doing. We love to be just a tiny part of the amazing transforming work that’s happening through GLO in other parts of the world . God bless you all

Love these stories , so encouraging and inspiring for our faith ! Absolutely incredible work that God is doing in Burundi through GLO and partner ministries