A Hard-Won Battle

A Hard-Won Battle

Today I seem to be someone else, I have received peace in my heart.

Today I seem to be someone else, I have received peace in my heart.

Salimu* serves in the Burundian military, highly trained and prepared to face danger and aggression. Outside of work, he is a happily married man at peace with himself and others, but this wasn’t always the case; it was a hard-won battle.

The stresses of his life led him to a deep-seated addiction to alcohol. He was aware that this was having an impact on his closest relationships. He was not getting along with his wife and children and often found himself in disputes with neighbours. He was also conscious of his hatred of those from different ethnicities, a topic which often causes tension in Burundi as it deals with past conflicts.

Salimu wasn’t happy with the status quo and attended a seminar organised by GLO partner, CAPAMI, who works primarily with the police and army. Led by Dr Michel Nsabiyumva, who’s medical training is the foundation of their holistic work, CAPAMI aims to heal deep wounds and free individuals who have PTSD and other trauma. 

When Salimu started to listen, the speaker’s words resonated so clearly that he initially presumed that the speaker must somehow be personally aware of his situation. In fact, he slowly realised that God was reaching out to him, offering him healing and peace.

Now Salimu is living a different life. As he explains, “Today I seem to be someone else, I have received peace in my heart.”

He has since worked hard at reconciliation with his wife, children and neighbours. One of the first actions he took to change was to marry the mother of his children legally, which they had never managed to do before, providing extra stability to the family. The hate that once filled his life has gone, replaced with joy and peace.

We hope to see more and more transformed men and women who are equipped by CAPAMI to address past hurts, giving them personal freedom and bringing light to those around them. 

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Makes my heart soar heavenward!
Amazing, all of it, absolutely amazing!
God bless you all – LOADS!