A Huge Harvest in 2022!

A Huge Harvest in 2022!

United Christians for Change and Development are just one GLO Partner that engages in outreach, evangelism and discipleship. They put together a video summarising the incredible numbers of 2022. Here are a few of them…

38 Gospel outreaches, 70,000+ people reached, 12,700+ come to faith

UCE Partner with local churches to reach communities all across Burundi, often in rural locations with weekend-long rallies to share the gospel, and offer prayer and healing. There rallies are often attended by huge crowds and many people come to faith. It’s also common to read stories of incredible miracles happening at these rallies.

Godelieve shares her testimony.

One example is Godelieve, who had always had trouble walking, and eventually found herself unable to walk as the joints in her legs got worse. She was disabled. When she went to the hospital, they could not find the cause of the issue. They gave her two injections and 70 pills to take which had no real impact. After that, they even started itching terribly. When she heard a gospel rally was taking place nearby, she took the difficult journey through rain to make it there. She asked for prayer, and whilst she was being prayed for realised that the itching had stopped for the first time in five months! The swelling also started reducing and she was able to walk home without any assistance!

63 local churches equipped

As well as partnering with local churches for outreach, UCCD run training and equipping workshops with church leaders. This means that when they leave an area, they have strengthened the local churches to serve the people near them, as well as establishing a support network for leaders to ensure long-term, sustainable, quality ministry to local people.

59 pop-up Bible Schools with 1700+ graduates

Through Nation2Nation Christian University, UCCD are able to provide degree-level education to thousands of people in Burundi, transforming their prospects and outlook. The holistic teaching gives an opportunity to those who have often missed out on education opportunities.

21 Goats Distributed

As well as ministry and education, they often provide practical support to those living in poverty, particularly through Alternative Gifts to give people an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through small business or agricultural means.

What an incredible year UCCD have had. And the beautiful thing is that this is just one GLO Partner – we have over 20 more partners making a huge impact.

In a recent survey of our partners, we discovered that through all the arms of the various organisations, we impact over 200,000 people each week! It’s encouraging stuff – our leaders are relentless and tireless in their efforts to transform lives in Burundi!

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This is wonderful feedback. “I cannot tell how God will win the nations, how He will claim His earthly heritage, how satisfy the needs and aspirations of East & West, of sinner and sage. But this I know, all people shall see God’s glory, and He shall reap the harvest He has sown.”

Fantastic work guys – all praise to our wonderful God who does exceeding abundantly above all that we can either ask or think! God bless

Praise God for his wonderful work