A Life Transformed

A Life Transformed

Boudesianne has a tragic story. After the death of her husband, with four children to provide for, she was living on the brink of survival. Thankfully, she was able to connect with Bosco from ICJ (formerly J-Life) who worked with her community to build her a house and provide for the education of her children! Although her backstory contains much pain, it only magnifies the joy now.

When we visited Boudesianne and other ladies in their literacy class, we asked them to raise their hands if they couldn’t read this time last year. Hers and a number of other hands went up. Now she can read and write, and praises God.

She tells us her story:

“Before I came to Jesus and learnt to pray, I had so much pain in my heart. My first husband was shot and killed, and my second husband died as well. When I became a widow, the grief overwhelmed me. I have four children and I couldn’t fathom how I would raise them. I used to cry out to God and ask Him how my life would turn out as I couldn’t read or write. My youngest child aged 5 lost his mind, but now by God’s grace is healed. Today I don’t pray for another husband. I ask God to continue to protect me and my family. I have experienced healing from the trauma and pain, and I head up a ladies’ Bible group of ten women. I am so thankful for J-Life because they’ve helped with school fees as well, and uniforms, and when I’m sad I can open the Bible and read and feel my heart be uplifted. May His name be praised!

Thank you for your support which not only provides for the physical needs of our beneficiaries, but brings new leases of life and hope!


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