A Sister’s Invitation

A Sister’s Invitation

At the age of fifty-five, Asana* was aware that the traumas she had suffered throughout her life were taking a toll on her health. Visits to doctors and pharmacies did not prevent her from suffering a heart attack. She speaks of longing for healing medicine and a ‘heart full of joy’.

Tragically orphaned in her childhood, an uncle had attempted to remove Asana and her siblings from the family home. One night he had even arrived brandishing a knife.

Asana eventually married, but her trauma was to continue. She and her husband worked in different parts of Burundi, and their long-term separation took its toll. Her husband was unfaithful, leaving her rejected and alone.

Thankfully, Asana’s sister was aware of our Partner, CAPAMI, who work to heal the hearts and minds of Burundians through psychological trauma healing and therapy. They invited Asana to their Neuropsychiatric Centre, where she was supported and counselled. The impact of her stay has been dramatic. She enthusiastically shares her story saying, “I sleep like a baby….CAPAMI is healing Burundi, especially me!”

*Name has been changed.

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