A Son and an Heir

A Son and an Heir

Christophe (seen here with his backpack) is assured of the love of his heavenly father. In 1993, when he was only a few months old, he was orphaned when his whole family was killed. As a result, Christophe has spent his whole life not knowing a single member of his biological family. Thankfully, he was adopted when God touched the heart of a man to whom he was not related (seen in the middle of the picture). This kind father provided for Christophe’s needs as if he was his own son.

As a young man, Christophe attended the University of Burundi. Here, he met a new friend Eric who had recently come to faith in Christ. Eric introduced Christophe to Baudouin of Evangelism Explosion, and through studying the Gospel of John together, Christophe also came to faith.. Whilst reading the Bible, he became aware of the fatherhood of God and how he welcomes believers. Not only had God provided him with an earthly father but God’s love for him stretches into eternity. He says, “I am no (longer) sad because I have a father in heaven that loves and cares for me.”

Baudouin and Christophe decided to visit Cibitoke to meet Christophe’s earthly father. They were welcomed with a feast of the best Burundian Food!

Evangelism Explosion works tirelessly to spread the hope of the gospel across the nation. They have seen significant growth in both numbers of new converts and depth of discipleship.

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