About GLO

About GLO
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Simon Guillebaud felt called to Burundi during the Civil War in 1999. Simon recognised the potential for strategic co-operation with local leaders and founded GLO in 2003. In 2015, during the presidential crisis, GLO was working apolitically behind the scenes through our partners to promote peace across the nation. Today, GLO has expanded to supporting over 25 partners and is an internationally respected organisation. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Burundi transformed in Jesus’ name.

Our Values

Reflect those modelled by Christ in the Gospels: respect, passion, integrity, humility, wisdom and justice. We seek to apply the highest professional standards to our work.

How We Work

GLO works with visionary local leaders to transform Burundi through education, sport, business, healthcare and more, bringing hope to thousands of the most vulnerable.

We identify, equip and empower the best local leaders of passion, integrity, gifting and vision for the transformation of the nation. GLO has identified a network of exceptional Christian leaders in Burundi now representing multiple projects. We help these partners to develop, enabling them to increase their self-sufficiency. The results are exciting and encouraging despite Burundi’s many challenges.

GLO has an office ‘on the ground’ in Bujumbura in Burundi, managed by Bosco Mutebutsi. GLO is therefore able to manage the distribution of gifts locally and with integrity.

GLO has rigorous financial and banking procedures and policies so that your giving is secure. We work hard to avoid excessive administrative costs so that the maximum amount of funds can go to our exceptional local partners.

GLO identifies, equips and empowers the best local leaders of passion, integrity, gifting and vision for the transformation of Burundi, bottom-up and top-down.

Simon Guillebaud
Simon Guillebaud MBE