An Audience of Millions!

An Audience of Millions!

As the only Christian TV station in Burundi, Heritage Television (HTV) has a crucial, strategic role in Burundi. They broadcast a wide variety of programmes, from discussions around tricky topics, to Bible teaching, to music. It’s aim is to broadcast messages of hope, encouragement, peace and joy. It’s already had a huge impact in the nation, but a recent development has extended their reach beyond Burundi!

Thanks to a partnership with global French broadcaster Canal+, HTV is available to over 24 nations in Africa and beyond. (It’s channel 397 if you’d like to watch it yourself!) As well as reaching people from other nations, it’s a wonderful taste of home for the Burundian diaspora network, living all around the world.

“We get feedback from people from all these countries, and people say that they are blessed by our testimonies and teachings,” shares Martine, leader of HTV. She even reported that people who don’t understand the languages of French and Kirundi sometimes like to watch!

Heritage TV is run by a fantastic team, who work hard at all hours to keep the channel broadcasting 24/7! Beyond this, they are also working hard to grow their presence online and through social media to reach the upcoming generation beyond terrestrial broadcasting. With media as a key influencer for a nation, GLO is delighted to support this work.


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