An Unusual Leader

An Unusual Leader

I couldn't help but shed tears of joy.

I couldn't help but shed tears of joy.

So why was Consolate, a KCC staff member, crying at the celebration dinner for Goretti?

Earlier in the year, we shared about the outgoing director of King’s Conference Centre, Goretti Wege, and her successor, Celestin Kubwimana. One reason this story is such a success was because the transition between leaders was so smooth. It’s sadly common for leaders to cling to power far too long, rather than handing the baton onto the next generation. Furthermore, people in positions of leadership often end up with lots of enemies, Consolate reflected, “It’s rare for someone in Goretti’s position to be appreciated in such honour by everyone.”

The evening celebrating Goretti was such a special occasion to be a part of – and it exhibited how special Goretti is. Not only did she pioneer the founding of Kings Conference Centre, taking it to the best-rated hotel & conference centre on Tripadvisor in the city, but throughout, she preserved the unity of the staff.

Check out what happened halfway through the farewell event – as Gilbert, a KCC staff member, spontaneously led the staff in a song!

The reactions of the staff at her celebration demonstrate the family atmosphere that has developed amongst the team. Together, they journeyed through long construction projects, national conflicts and COVID lockdowns. Her strength of leadership, coupled with a gentle and humble personality, means that she is respected and loved by all the staff.

When Colsolate reflected on the contrast between her time working at KCC with her past experiences, she “realised that I had never witnessed something like that in any workplace I had been to before.”

GLO’s mission is to identify, empower and equip the best leaders of passion, integrity, gifting and vision, and Goretti is just one example of a fantastic leader making a tremendous positive impact in Burundi.

King’s Conference Centre is a social enterprise business, modelling excellence in the hospitality sphere, with profits funding the work of Scripture Union Burundi.


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To know Goretti …you can’t help to love her! Her care, leadership and integrity! She reflects her savior! And who better than Celestin to step into her example!

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