6-year-old Boaz Went Missing Last Week…

Honestly, after six days of no news, the darkest thoughts filled all our minds. All hope was fading fast…

His father, Abdoul, is one of our key leaders. His inspirational story can be read here. He had recently relocated the whole family to the capital from four hours upcountry. So Boaz had just started at a new school in the bustling capital, having only previously known gentler-paced rural life.

Radio spots highlighting Boaz’ disappearance yielded no news. Abdoul, wife Ruth, and all of us were in despair…
Watch the video above to see what happened:

So it transpired he got lost walking home Monday afternoon. A young man saw him in the dark at 10 pm and asked him where he lived. He just said Bujumbura (the capital of over 1million people). How about where he went to school? Boaz gave the name of the school four hours away from his previous life. The young man took him to a church leader who looked after him, hoping to work out where his family was. In the end, it was an announcement across multiple churches on the Sunday that was heard by the young man, who rang the contact number, and Abdoul promptly jumped on a taxi-motor to be joyfully reunited with his son! 

I wanted to share this simply because it was such an emotional rollercoaster, and the happy outcome brings such joy. There is so much bad news, and so many grim endings; so let’s celebrate some good news with a happy ending. Our prayers were answered. Now let’s pray precious young Boaz fully recovers from the ordeal, and that God uses his life in the future in beautiful ways. Thanks for praying, caring, giving. Keep journeying with us!


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Wonderful news, may his life be a blessing to many

Praise be to God in the HIGHEST!

Praise the Lord indeed! Stay close Boaz!

Praise God! Thank you for sharing this good news✝️🙏

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