Booming Business in Buj

Booming Business in Buj

Today I am proud of my job and my family is happy with me.

Today I am proud of my job and my family is happy with me.

Unable to finish his degree and unemployed, Eric was an orphan who had responsibility for his younger brothers. Their prospects looked bleak, but thankfully he was able to join a training and microloans group run by RAJEDES, who work in some of the poorer parts of Bujumbura. He recalled, “RAJEDES gave me training in identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, which helped me find my business idea.”

Inspired and equipped, he started a clothing shop with a loan of £200/$250. The business flourished, and he repaid the loan. With his income, he could support his brothers, and even had the cash to get married! He is now a father of two and has a total capital of £950/$1200. Eric said:

“I thank RAJEDES who opened my eyes and I ask other young people to join the groups supervised by them in order to have access to credit like me and to implement their income-generating projects. Today I am proud of my job and my family is happy with me.”

Microloans and savings groups are a tool many GLO Partners use to provide opportunities to escape poverty through work, rather than creating a reliance on hand-outs. Entrepreneurial spirit abounds in Burundi, and thanks to your support families and communities are transforming.

The microloan was a crucial catalyst for Eric’s success. Learn more about why these groups exist and the way they work in A Beginner’s Guide to Savings Clubs.

RAJEDES focus much of their work on young people, feeling that the government can only succeed when youth concerns are addressed because the demography of the country is so young, so it’s wonderful to see the impact it is making on individuals in Burundi! And of course, ‘no man is an island’, the impact of one transformed life ripples to their family and community, creating a more sustainable and independent nation.

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