Experience Burundi

Experience Burundi

We would be delighted to welcome you to Burundi! If you have been inspired by the incredible transformation you’ve heard about and would like to witness the difference it is making for yourself, we invite you to visit us and experience it. We have regular trips which can be tailored to your interests. We are confident that it will give you a new perspective and a fresh passion for the incredible work that is taking place out there.


6th – 17th October 2024

2nd – 13th February 2025 (Pastors)  

Do get in touch to find out more or express your interest – we can be flexible!

Our trips are flexible and can be tailored to your interests. We will aim to give you a broad range of our work by visiting different partners, as well as seeing some cultural highlights and enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Burundian hills and lake Tanganyika! 

You will have the opportunity to meet our leaders as well as beneficiaries from our projects – Burundians know how to give a good welcome!

Flights to Burundi currently cost anywhere between £500-£900 ($1400-$1800 from North America). We would also ask you to cover costs of accommodation, food and transport this will vary but estimate £90 ($110) per day in-country.

At time of writing, a month-long visa costs $90, also to be paid for in cash.

Insurance is likely to be limited to a few companies. Burundi is unlikely to be covered in a multi-trip policies. We can advise you.

You may also have to pay for the immunisations, including a compulsory Yellow Fever certificate for entry.

Whilst it is true that money goes a long way in Burundi, finance isn’t everything! Ask any of our partners what they think, and we are confident they will say, ‘book a flight and visit us!’ 

One of our mantras is ‘relationship is everything’. GLO is not just about pouring money into the world’s poorest nation but raising and equipping the best local leaders and organisations for strategic transformation. So here are three reasons we’d encourage you to visit Burundi:

  1. Visitors are a huge encouragement to our partner organisations and beneficiaries. That you are willing to spend the time and money to visit them sends a clear message that you care and support them. Particularly in some rural Burundian villages, visitors from outside Africa may be extremely rare, so visiting demonstrates that these people, often the poorest in the nation, are not forgotten.
  2. It will change you. Everybody who has visited Burundi with us has said that they feel they’ve got as much out of it as they’ve given (usually more!). It will provide you with a fresh perspective of your own culture, a chance to meet incredibly inspiring people, plus it will be great fun!
  3. The depth of understanding you gain of Burundi, her people and our work equips you to share what you’ve experienced with others back home. Most people haven’t heard of Burundi, but you will inevitably spread the word of our work which will benefit the nation even further!

Whilst it is true that Burundi has a past of conflict, with occasional flare-ups, the situation is generally stable. The UK Foreign Office and US State Travel Advisories advise caution when travelling to Burundi. We will be able to give an up-to-date picture of the situation from our partners on the ground.

However, you will be accompanied by at least one member of GLO staff at all times and driven everywhere by trusted drivers, so the day-to-day risks are greatly reduced. Travel up-country is usually undertaken during daylight hours to minimise risks and other precautions will be taken where needed. If you have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the current situation in Burundi.

If you choose to travel to Burundi, it is entirely at your own risk. Whilst Great Lakes Outreach will take every care to assist you and keep you safe, we are not a professional or licensed tour operator and do not accept any liability.

The primary base is Kings Conference Centre – one of the top-rated hotels in the country and a proud GLO social enterprise which strives for excellence in all they do. KCC is a real hub, serving as the location of our offices and a regular meeting place for our partner organisations. 

As well as day trips, there are usually some nights up-country. The most suitable accommodation will be chosen, always ensuring mosquito nets are available.

Brilliant! You may be interested in joining our next Bike for Burundi fundraising trip!

We’d love to offer you the chance to have a family bonding experience together. From 10 years old and up, kids can engage with the issues of poverty, injustice, corruption and more. What an opportunity to see God at work and that the world is so much bigger than they realised! 

We’d be happy to discuss any queries with you. Get in touch here.

All information correct at time of writing.

Please Note: If you choose to travel to Burundi, it is entirely at your own risk. Whilst Great Lakes Outreach will take every care to assist you and keep you safe, we are not a professional or licensed tour operator and do not accept any liability. 

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