GLO Partners in Burundi

GLO works with strategic visionary local leaders of passion and integrity, to transform Burundi and beyond. We have four levels of partnership: Full Partners, Emerging Partners, Associate Partners and Monthly Beneficiaries. 

Full GLO Partners

These organisations have entered into a full alliance with GLO and receive the benefit of a higher level of financial and leadership support. They have signed our Memorandum of Understanding – a contract ensuring the highest level of leadership accountability, financial scrutiny and alignment to GLO’s professional and spiritual values. 

Emerging GLO Partners

These organisations are on their way to becoming full GLO Partners and are currently undergoing a period of assessment, preparation and monitoring before a formal agreement is signed. Their values are aligned with GLO and they receive a measure of basic support already.

Associate Partners

These organisations are already well-established and independent, not requiring the full, regular support of GLO. They are organisations that we often support financially and with whom we enjoy a good relationship. 

Monthly Beneficiaries

These organisations are smaller in structure and are not yet at the stage of being able to meet the demands of our stringent processes. However, we recognise their vision and passion and support their aims with small monthly payments to help them grow.