Muslims are not our enemies... they are desperate to know the truth

Muslims are not our enemies... they are desperate to know the truth

APRID’s mission is to reach out to Muslims in love to present them with the gospel through whichever means available. This might take the form of public debates, in door-to-door outreach, or putting stories on social media.

APRID trains churches through seminars and conferences, and produces tracts and short books as resources for both Christians and Muslims to engage healthily and knowledgeably, avoiding polemics and misrepresentation. 

Where Muslim-background believers are persecuted, APRID seeks to assist with school fees, micro-finance initiatives or paying for lodging, until the former are ready to stand again on their own two feet.

APRID stands for ‘Association Pour les Relations Interconfessionelles et du Développement’ which translates as Association for Interfaith Relations and Development.

Stories from APRID:

a lady with a white headscarf reflects amongst a crowd

Counting the Cost for Christ

Husna, a motherless girl of nineteen years old, attended religious debates organised by APRID. Her family were Muslim but after listening to the debate Husna decided that she wanted to become a Christian and gave her life to Christ. Her family became very angry and her stepmother threw her out

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