Green Land Alliance

Green Land Alliance

The work of Green Land Alliance is having a powerful impact upon Burundian society

The work of Green Land Alliance is having a powerful impact upon Burundian society

Green Land Alliance is a non-profit organisation involved in leadership development. It arose out of the recognition that there is a crisis of quality leadership in the nation. GLA targets young people who have not yet been corrupted by the system – university students and recent graduates – to provide them with basic (servant) leadership and entrepreneurship skills. The key values include honesty, transparency, integrity and compassion.

The vision is a peaceful and prosperous society built by a generation of visionary and moral leaders. For over five years, they have trained more than 1,500 people, most of whom are leaders of associations, businesses or churches.

Some of the outcomes of the training are new personal businesses, a collective business (with a hundred stakeholders), and changes of leadership practices in churches and associations. From November 2020, GLA launched a nationwide movement of servant leaders. The aim is to have teams in every province by the end of 2022. They thank all their supporters for contributing in making this a reality.

Greenland Alliance also provides business training for the most vulnerable in society. Lately, they have become involved with some of the poorer communities in the city of Bujumbura. They primarily work with women at risk and single mothers, providing training, microfinance loans and health insurance to empower them to earn a living and climb out of poverty.

Stories from Green Land Alliance:

Daughters of the Community

Capucine is a 23-year-old single mother. Having dropped out of school, she has since returned to year 11 and hopes to complete high school in two years so she can better provide for her 4-year-old daughter.
Every morning, Capucine puts on her school uniform and her daughter’s and walks her

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Fighting On for Her Children

Danielle is a 25-year-old single mother of 2 who lives on the outskirts of Bujumbura, the capital. Every morning, Danielle carries her baby on her back with a load of vegetables, hoping to make ends meet for herself and her two children. With the little she makes, she is proud that

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'The gutter' slum in Bujumbura

The Forgotten?

Between Bwiza and Nyakabiga in Bujumbura, there is an area known as ‘Ku Gifurege’, ‘The Big Gutter’. Perched along the gutter’s edge are several huts housing sixteen households. Known as ‘The Forgotten’, the community consists of retired and active prostitutes and their children, gamblers and addicts. Greenland Alliance

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greenland alliance women selling food on streets

Single Mothers of the Streets

Living in impoverished rural communities, many young girls and women find themselves on Bujumbura’s city streets looking for work. They come to work as babysitters and housekeepers, but many find themselves destitute and often with unwanted pregnancies. Some girls enter into relationships with the fathers of their children but can

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