INGANJI-MACB (Ministry of Christian Artists of Burundi)’s vision is to raise, empower and equip artists of all description to use their creativity for gospel work in the nation. They seek to strengthen the solidarity of artists by fostering relationships and cooperation, so a network has been developed and artists are encouraged to pool resources and collaborate together.

Inganji-MACB aims to highlight the potential of the arts to make a difference in society, particularly amongst the youth, so a lot of their activities are in schools or with youth in general. They are also trying to help the Church to engage and maximise the potential of the arts in the communication of the gospel. Their outreach includes concerts, competitions and training. A significant and growing number of people have been impacted by Inganji-MACB

Inganji is a Kirundi word you could use to describe the Lord – you might say ‘Imana n’ingaji’ which means ‘God almighty’ or ‘God all powerful’.

Stories from Inganji:

Graduations for Inganji!

Celebrating the graduations of students of the ‘Centre de Formation Artistique’, a curriculum created by Burundians to explore creativity and use of artistic giftings in the church. Learn more about Inganji here:

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group of artists creating together

Creating for Christ

Where do the arts come into church? This is the question asked by our partners, Inganji. They seek to empower and equip artists of all descriptions and explore the potential for art to communicate the gospel. In creation, we see the work of the Supreme Artist, in the words of

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