New Generation

New Generation

We had a dream that those children in the streets, abandoned, with no idea where they are from...would become the leaders of this country and bring a big contribution to the future

Dieudonné Nahimana - New Generation Founder

We had a dream that those children in the streets, abandoned, with no idea where they are from...would become the leaders of this country and bring a big contribution to the future

Dieudonné Nahimana - New Generation Founder

New Generation believes that children and young people are the future of Burundi.

New Generation works with street children and young people to bring hope. Our vision is to awaken young people spiritually, culturally and socio-economically in order to prepare a better future for Burundi.

Dieudonné Nahimana started New Generation after reaching out to street children when he himself became homeless. Someone gave him £5 and he decided to share it with street children, they celebrated Christmas together in a simple way and that was the humble beginning of what is now an outstanding project supporting children right from the streets to university, reuniting them with family whenever possible. New Generation is also a fantastic advocate for street children and gives them a voice and dignity. After coming second in the street children’s world cup, they were greeted back home to Burundi as media heroes, meeting the President.

Who we work with: street children, young people, homeless children and young people who have been put in prison because they are homeless

What we offer: As well as street children outreach, psychosocial support, homes, training and education, New Generation provides vocational training to young people. In this way, they can become young entrepreneurs and make a living to support themselves. This empowers them and underpins sustainable socio-economic development for the community.

Our projects include:

  • Homes for street boys and street girls.
  • Gir’ubuntu – combatting ethnic violence with rallies featuring sport and music, challenging ethnic stereotypes; promoting peace and reconciliation, along with Christian values of integrity and honesty.
  • Gir’iteka (‘Dignity’) – an outreach programme for children on the streets, providing shelter, food, clothes, health care and, tuition.
  • Prison outreach: Sometimes children are put in prison simply because they are living on the streets. They have committed no real crime.
  • Youth and Leadership Project The goal is to form a network of young leaders who model the characteristics of reconciling (servant) leadership and who are active within their communities, promoting and enabling holistic transformation.
  • Imboneza (‘Equipping young people’) – seeks to build and equip young leaders. We currently focus on training young people in Entrepreneurship, Information Technology and English.
  • Back to School Programme: Many street children have been out of school for considerable periods so they need intensive educational support. They need breakfast and lunch so that they can succeed in school.
  • Entrepreneurship training and microloans: New Generation delivers training on entrepreneurship, personal development, recognising and nurturing talents and skills. After training, we provide microloans to set up small businesses.

Dieudonné tells his stunning story of forgiveness, reconciliation, overcoming, and building a movement to transform the nation.

a visualisation of the new centre with children reading and playing indoors

Street Children Center

We are seeking funding to build and establish a new safe space and education center. This center will equip New Generation to support their existing beneficiaries better, as well as equipping them to reach out to more children living on the streets, giving them a hope and a future.


Stories from New Generation:

Issa sits in his wheelchair with a broken leg-new generation Burundi

Hope Amidst Pain

Despite his young age, Issa has lived on the streets of Bujumbura for three years now. He started life watching his family struggling to provide for him, and after failing at school, he opted to run away from home. At the age of twelve, he had already learned to fend

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cedrick new generation

Cédrick – Discovering a Dream

It all started in 2008 when Cédrick decided to live on the streets due to his tough and unhappy family conditions. In June 2019, he came in contact with GLO Partner, New Generation. He participated in the activities organised, appreciating sessions which taught positive values, how to help one another

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