Partners Trust International Church

Partners Trust International Church
Partners Trust International was founded in 2009 by Emmanuel Ndikumana. The vision was three-pronged.
  1. A fellowship that modelled rigorous expository preaching, with the aim of affecting and improving the Biblical commitment of preachers in other denominations.
  2. A theological institution to likewise strengthen the Burundian Church
  3. A development wing to implement the holistic gospel coming out of the other two pillars.

After all these years now, PTI has become PTIC (with the added ‘Church’ at the end) because of changes in laws governing different kinds of organisation. The fellowship has become a church by the name of Bujumbura International Christian Church. The theological institution has received full accreditation, has the best library resource in the country, and offers a range of programs. And a medical clinic has been built in Bugarama on land donated by the authorities and with huge community buy-in, which promises to bring life-transforming healthcare to many who otherwise have extremely limited access to it.

Simon Guillebaud Introduces Partners Trust International

a nearly-completed building with a red roof and with scaffolding atop a hill

Bugarama Health Clinic

Among the top human services severely lacking in Burundi is affordable healthcare. The Bugarama Medical Center will provide emergency, preventative, prenatal, maternity, outpatient and inpatient care to an area which is vastly underserved. It will also provide jobs, a place for community, and health care education. Help us to bring hope to this region

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Every donation, small or large makes a difference to someone in Burundi. The needs in Burundi are great, but your giving will make a huge difference! Are you able to give a monthly amount? Steady, ongoing support provides an anchor during challenging times.

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