Purpose Discovery

Purpose Discovery

Purpose Discovery aims to see the emergence of a godly generation equipped to contribute to the transformation of society. They have three main thrusts of activity:

  • Evangelistic activities in schools through Christian Unions, lessons, and discovery groups.
  • Setting up of youth clubs with an emphasis on creativity and innovation; these provide a context for young people to nurture their talent, and experience a supportive empowering context to grow.
  • Humanitarian support to 4 communities, involving helping children back to school from off the streets, and economic empowerment of the marginalised.

Stories from Purpose Discovery:

Eliane, now filled with joy and hope!

Here for a Purpose!

Our partners, Purpose Discovery, address the big questions. They are committed to raising awareness amongst young people regarding the purpose of their existence. Through visits to churches and schools, they build up a network of clubs where young people can address themes such as time management, creativity and innovation. So

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There are a few reasons why Innocent is the skinniest healthy guy I know. His stories are nuts. Read on… He realised as a young man that he had the gift of healing. On one occasion, he prayed for a hunchback who had been bent over for 18 years. The

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