RAJEDES are all about creating opportunities!

RAJEDES are all about creating opportunities!

RAJEDES seeks to impact youth through their holistic development programmes. It aims to promote democracy, solidarity, and conflict resolution, all of which profoundly affect and are affected by young people.

A core conviction is that the government can only succeed when youth concerns are addressed because the demography of the country is so young. That is why youth advocacy is at the fore, and training in micro-finance and entrepreneurship has yielded significant fruit and empowerment. Many young people otherwise facing unemployment have benefitted from their work.

On top of general business skills, they also teach soap production, hairdressing, sewing, and more. Participants often go on to build flourishing businesses which end up employing more people, multiplying the positive impact of their work.

They also use sports as a means of outreach to local young people through their team RAJEDES FC.

RAJEDES stands for ‘Rassemblement des jeunes pour le dévelopment socio-économiques.’ which translates as ‘Gathering young people for socio-economic development’. They primarily work in more deprived areas of Bujumbura, Burundi’s largest city.

Simon Guillebaud Introduces RAJEDES

Stories from RAJEDES:

Turning Pages, Changing Lives

Many of us are flooded by a constant stream of information. For an internet-connected, English-speaking Christian, there are millions of hours of recordings, online blogs and books that they can access to resource their journey of faith. But for a Kirundi-speaking Burundian, who may not have money to pay for

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Bridging the Gap

Callixte completed his university education over five years ago, graduating with a degree in civil engineering. Although the need for good civil engineering is high in Burundi, there aren’t many paid job opportunities around. So Callixte was unable to find work and remained unemployed for 5 years, still living at

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A New Family Business

One of the primary ministries of RAJEDES is to draw alongside young people lacking employment and empower them with entrepreneurial skills. Recently they have been able to support a fresh cohort of beneficiaries, one of whom was Eric – who received a sewing machine. Eric had been struggling with unemployment

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Mediatrice selling cassava

Taking Flight Together

“The man and the woman are like the two wings of a bird. Unless the female wing is flourishing alongside the male wing, humanity will not take flight. So to support the woman is to support the world.” This idea underpins the new Women’s Empowerment initiative from RAJEDES as they

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Every donation, small or large makes a difference to someone in Burundi. The needs in Burundi are great, but your giving will make a huge difference! Are you able to give a monthly amount? Steady, ongoing support provides an anchor during challenging times.

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