Restoration Burundi

Restoration Burundi

Rise up, work and pray for national reconciliation, for forgiveness and social justice...

Rise up, work and pray for national reconciliation, for forgiveness and social justice...

Restoration Burundi (Restobu) targets schools and communities to impact Burundian society. The mission statement is to empower, equip and facilitate a network of social and civic organisations across the nation with the aim of consolidating quality leadership and economic development for all levels across society.

Restoration Burundi was founded by Gratien Nibigira. During a Harvest Initiatives outreach in the bush, he came across a destitute 75-year-old widow, a victim of both the 1972 and 1993 crises. Both her husband and all her children had been killed, and she lived in a straw hut without any help from anyone. Through engaging with her, Gratien was compelled to act. The Lord spoke to him clearly: “Gratien, rise up, work and pray for national reconciliation, for forgiveness and social justice so that such miserable scenarios become a thing of the past!” That is how Restoration Burundi came into being.

In 2015, a new political crisis erupted, in which Restobu were already prepared to engage, so they were amongst the first groups to organise conferences on peace and non-violence in secondary schools, universities, local communities and amongst young impressionable political activists. Restobu currently works in a selected number of strategic schools, and amongst repatriated refugees in Makamba, Cibitoke and Kirundo.

Simon Guillebaud Introduces Restoration Burundi

Stories from Restoration Burundi:

students in white shirts sit on benches listening to a lecture

Tomorrow’s Peacemakers

“Before I got engaged in the Peace Club, I did not know who a leader was. I thought leadership was solely meant for presidents of countries or top influencing authorities while ignoring that even I as a student have the right to become a leader…” Restoration Burundi’s ‘Peace Clubs’ are proving a hit in High Schools and Universities across Burundi

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odetta looks out at a field

Repatriated and Renewed

Odetta returned to Burundi after years of enforced exile, full of joy. “I had missed home, especially my extended family. I had to come back”. With the excitement of returning to her country, Odetta didn’t fully anticipate the many difficulties she would face. She found it very hard to settle

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