Together for Development

Together for Development

Thanks to Together for Development, I can afford to live. I can buy toothpaste for my family.

Thanks to Together for Development, I can afford to live. I can buy toothpaste for my family.

Focus: Teaching the gospel through sports ministry, and equipping the vulnerable to break the cycle of poverty through small businesses.

Together for Development Birashoboka releases potential within vulnerable individuals and communities. Birashoboka means “It is possible.”

Who we work with: the most vulnerable members of the community in areas where people are at risk (for example, in port communities where the population is transient): men and women suffering from HIV, prostitutes, orphans, widows and the very poor, including children and young people.

What we offer: Together for Development provides an injection of hope when all hope has gone. We provide training so that vulnerable people can develop a skill to earn a living and we share the love of God with them so that they realise they are precious and loved, even though their lives have been incredibly tough.

Together for Development believes in teaching beneficiaries to love, obey and know God in order to bring all generations together so they can develop their communities and know life in all its fullness.

Our projects include:

Sewing training schools offering a six-month programme. At the end of the course, Together for Development helps the graduates to get together in groups to start a small sewing cooperative.

Reaching prostitutes Based in the south of the country, this project provides a way out for the many women here caught up in prostitution.

HIV AIDS project offering training and support for men and women so that they can look after themselves and care for their families. Together for Development helps the sufferers to create a loan cooperative and provides a shared piece of land for growing vegetables to sell, to provide an income.

Football matches reach children and young people, helping them enjoy the sport, develop their talent and learn positive Christian values.

Working with refugee single mothers living in Ruhororo Refugee camp in the North of Burundi

Sewing projects are a powerful means of transformation!

Stories from Together for Development:

The disabled shoe making group proudly hold up their creations, smiling

Sole Traders!

‘Transforming Burundi, bottom-up and top-down’. That’s GLO’s vision. Sadly, people with disabilities in Burundi are often pushed to the bottom of society, missing out on education and opportunities. They are left unable to work traditional jobs, and rely on their families and friends to provide for them. But that is

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A Divine Encounter!

I love these stories! We get bombarded with so much bad news in general, that all the more I see it as part of our job at GLO to tell inspiring tales of overcoming. Meet Divine, She was an orphan living in Nyanza lac in the South of Burundi. She was

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From Escaping to Creating

Something in Celeste* finally cracked. She knew it was time to escape. For too long, she had endured physical and emotional abuse from her husband, and she knew she had to get out for the good of her three children. She fled without much idea of how she would survive.

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