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Trans World Radio

Radio is the single most strategic means of communicating in Burundi.

Radio is the single most strategic means of communicating in Burundi.

Transworld Radio (TWR)’s mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible through mass media with the aim of producing lasting fruit. Radio is the single most strategic means of communicating in Burundi. Few have books (and indeed few culturally like reading), few have televisions, fewer still have computers, but almost everyone has a radio. Radios reach where there are no roads, electricity or water; they reach into prisons, refugee camps and hospitals. So TWR produces both educational and evangelistic programs to encourage Burundians in the area of development, life skills, and discipleship.

Partnership with GLO

Project Leader Rachel Muhorakeye writes: “One of many things I will be ever thankful to GLO for is a small project called “GO BACK TO SCHOOL’’. GLO provides for each staff partner every year in September some money to buy for children kits (Book notes, books, school fees etc). This reminded me when I was young, we were many children and our father could not provide for all of us school fees and school material. I remember going to boarding school in tears. Up to date, children of pastors do not have enough to go to school. They are often sent out from classes because of lack of school fees. I am ever grateful to GLO for this valuable action.

Simon Guillebaud Introduces Transworld Radio

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Tuning in to Transformation

Trans World Radio have received so much encouraging feedback from their radio programmes Abakunzi b’Amahoro’ (Lovers of Peace) and ‘Amahoro Iwacu’ (Peace in our Home). One young mother got in touch from prison, where she had listened to the radio station. Separated from her children, she was struggling with her

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