Union des Groupes Bibliques

Union des Groupes Bibliques

Knowing Jesus and making Him known on university campuses across Burundi

Knowing Jesus and making Him known on university campuses across Burundi

Union des Groupes Bibliques du Burundi is the local branch of student ministry under the umbrella of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Their streamline is ‘to know Jesus and make Him known’. 

Even into the 1990s, there was one national university as the option for students to attend in Burundi. Since then there has been an explosion of campuses and private universities around the country. UGBB’s role is equip Christian students on campus to be an effective witness, to model servant leadership, and to prepare them for lives of integrity and civic duty once they graduate.

Activities across many universities include weekly Bible studies, outreach events, and communal times of worship. The movement has several staff and many volunteers, and has seen a lot of beautiful fruit, yet they still don’t have a representation on every campus. So there are ambitious plans to expand their reach and impact so that every student in Burundi will have the clear opportunity to explore and encounter Jesus.  

Simon Guillebaud Introduces Union des Groupes Bibliques

Stories from Union des Groupes Bibliques:

a student studies their bible

The Persistent Friend

Arcade had been selling and smoking cannabis and had no intention of changing, but Chadrack kept inviting him to come along to the bible studies run by Union des Groupes Bibliques. He met with him in person as well as texting and calling him. Eventually, due to Chadrack’s persistence, Arcade

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