United Citizens for Change and Development

United Citizens for Change and Development

(formerly UCE – United Christians in Evangelism)

United Citizens for Change and Development is a vibrant indigenous organisation that GLO is so excited to partner with. With very little outside support, this group of passionate Burundians laboured for a decade before coming to our attention. Unlike all our other partners, United Citizens for Change and Development (UCCD) had no base in the capital, Bujumbura, but worked out of Ngozi in the North.

Their activities range widely, but come under the following main areas: evangelism through gospel rallies and showing of films; engagement with Muslims; capacity building of church leaders; discipleship of children with training of Sunday school workers; entrepreneurial agriculture projects through creating cooperatives; church prayer mobilisation and revival conferences; mobile theological training in multiple locations.

UCCD is hugely impressive. The team is willing to work hard, travel all over the country, engage in dangerous areas, and make their funds stretch a long way. Their zeal and fruitfulness is remarkable. They provide a constant stream of inspiring transformational stories, and we can see God’s blessing on their sacrificial labours.

Stories from United Citizens for Change and Development:

specoise smiles with her three young children in their home


Speciose grew up believing that whenever she felt sick, she had been bewitched or poisoned. She believed that there was no natural sickness and rejected medical doctors. But when a serious health issue would require all her family’s possessions to pay a witchdoctor’s fee, Specoise attended a UCE outreach instead

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