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Relief, Care
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Health and Wellbeing

Burundians struggle to access adequate healthcare with people often dying from preventable causes. We are working to change that in some of the poorest communities.

Children & Youth

Educational excellence, instilling integrity, caring for orphans and street children. These are the building blocks for transforming the futures of the next generation.

Promoting Peace

Years of conflict have left deep scars in Burundi so facilitating peace and cooperation between ethnic groups at all levels of society is a key priority.

Relief, Care & Mercy

Burundi is one of the hungriest nations in the world. Furthermore, there are many widows and orphans as a result of conflict and poverty – our partners tackle a host of practical needs from building homes to feeding programmes.

Education & Learning

As well as our work to improve access to education for the next generation, we equip adults young and old with literacy, agricultural and practical skills and bringing hope to communities.

Social Enterprise

Providing economic empowerment beats handouts. Social enterprise offers community-driven dignity, jobs and sustainable change.

Churches & Outreach

Across Burundi, lives are being transformed by the hope of the Gospel! We equip local church leaders and support national outreach initiatives.

Supporting Leaders

GLO equips the best local leaders of passion, gifting and integrity across a wide range of regions and sectors of Burundi.