Charlotte and Christophe’s New Start

Charlotte and Christophe’s New Start

When Charlotte became a widow she experienced difficulties that are unimaginable to most of us.

With her husband’s death she also lost her home and her family. Her husband’s family wanted to inherit her land so she was thrown out, and forced to leave her son behind. As well as becoming homeless, she was penniless, and starving, with just the clothes on her back.

Christophe, her son, eventually found a home with an orphan who had been housed by our partners, Igniting Communities for Jesus (ICJ). Christophe told the workers at ICJ about his mother and they set about finding her so that they could support her and give her the hand up she so desperately needed.

A house was built for Charlotte for £950. Even more importantly, Christophe and Charlotte were reunited! But there was one issue that still needed to be resolved. Charlotte had no source of income, and therefore had nothing to eat on a daily basis.

Christophe stands outside the new home

ICJ were able to provide the means for Charlotte to start living right where she was, without further disruption to her family. She was given a monthly allowance, as well as land to start growing her own crops of beans and corn. These crops provided enough for her to feed herself and Christophe. 

The difference in Charlotte’s life has been truly remarkable. Not only have her physical needs been met but her mental and spiritual life has been transformed. She now attends a discipleship group with other widows. She plays an active role in her local church and is growing spiritually. Her life has been completely turned around.

ICJ would love to house more widows and vulnerable families like Charlotte and Christophe, but sadly there is a waiting list. Specific prayer can be very powerful, so could you join with the prayer of  ICJ that every family they engage with has a home and the means to feed themselves at least twice a day?

Charlotte’s story first appeared in our annual ‘Choose Life’ newsletter, you can read it for yourself online.

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The power of the Gospel at work in the daily lives of his people. We have a sovereign Father who is actively involved in the intricate details of our lives. PTL.