Counting the Cost for Christ

Counting the Cost for Christ

Husna, a motherless girl of nineteen years old, attended religious debates organised by APRID. Her family were Muslim but after listening to the team from APRID Husna decided that she wanted to become a Christian and gave her life to Christ. Her family became very angry and her stepmother rejected her, throwing her out on the street. After finding new accommodation, where she was poorly treated and had to reject advances from the man of the house. Full of fear, she felt her only option was to return to her family and ask that they would take her in.

One of the evangelists, hearing of Husna, took her into their family. The family have very little and live in tough conditions themselves. Yet they have shown Husna love and generosity, they have given her a home and provided for her schooling – treating her as if she were a daughter of their own. Husna is growing in faith.

For new Christians in Burundi, these kinds of circumstances are a common occurrence and can act as a deterrent for people coming to faith. This is why the work of APRID is so vital, not only spreading the hope of the gospel but also being able to provide support for disciples willing to count the cost of faith in Jesus!

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