Discovering Discipleship at Antioch

Discovering Discipleship at Antioch

Antioch School was primarily started to provide a programme focused upon the training of church leaders. To date more than 200 church leaders have been trained in this way and they are equipped to provide healthy church ministry when they return to their home congregations. Over the past months the classes have focused upon the Epistles of Paul.

Viator is the pastor of a church that partners with Antioch in Bukeye.

Viator has been attending the classes and as a consequence has run a discipleship class back in his home church. The last weekend in February, twenty-five members of the congregation made the decision to be baptised after studying the gospels and the role of baptism in the ‘Becoming a Disciple’ Antioch class. Viator spoke to one of the couples who were baptised. They had attended the church for several years and he wondered why they had taken the decision to make the commitment at this time. They explained that they had never heard the gospel explained in such a clear way.

Praise God for the work of Antioch in equipping pastors to build the kingdom of God!

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