Distributing Joy in Burundi!

Distributing Joy in Burundi!

We recently had the privilege of distributing some of your Alternative Gifts to beneficiaries. Alternative gifts provide a way for people to support people living in Burundi in need. Over Christmas, many purchased Alternative Gifts – after all – what do you buy for the person who has everything? Perhaps a pig in Burundi!? GLO’s media officer Raissa was able to visit one of the meet-ups where these gifts are distributed and find out more about some of the grateful beneficiaries. She found it a really uplifting experience!

“I loved filming the gift distribution. What an experience, full of laughter and happiness!”

These gifts will each have a big impact. GLO is all about hand-ups rather than hand-outs, and each of these gifts provide an opportunity for people to lift themselves out of poverty. Although a pig may seem like a small gift, the manure it provides will help Poncien’s crops to grow better so he can sell more. Furthermore, if it has piglets that will provide an additional cash injection.

Or take Celestin, pedaling nine hours to share the Gospel and support people in their faith – now he no longer has to borrow bikes he is freed up to continue his ministry.

Eric and his wife had been struggling to find employment, but now they’ve set up a thriving clothes business with the gift of a sewing machine!

A huge thank you to all who have given Alternative Gifts! Check out some of the joyful photos below!


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So very encouraging. May all your business endeavours be blessed by God and thrive amongst your communities 🙏🙏

What a joy to see – thank you, thank you Lord and gift buyers! 💕💕

Lovely, so much joy it really uplifted me. So simple for us, absolutely life changing for them.

What an inspiring video !!!

Thank you so much for the video so heart warming, and reminds me to get my priorities right. Bless all who have given so generously

Brilliant. Praise you Lord Jesus. Such great smiles.

Oh, I love this video so much – what a JOY to see!

Whilst we worry about the energy/cost of living crisis and shortage of vegetables, it’s refreshing be reminded of where the real struggles are.

Fantastic great news. Thanks for the feedback. Great to see people so blessed.

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