Church Connect

Church Connect

GLO’s work in Burundi could not function without the prayer and financial support of God’s people. 

This is partnership because we do not believe in a one-way flow of blessing (from the church TO Burundi), this connection should benefit you also. Our hope is that the stories of transformation, the video messages of thanks you’ll receive from Burundi, the resources we provide (see below), and Simon Guillebaud’s talks, will bring your fellowship fresh encouragement, vision and an understanding God’s compassionate heart for the least, the forgotten and the broken.

If you would like to present the work of GLO to your fellowship or small group, these resources should help:

Burundi and Great Lakes Outreach

Burundi is a broken and beautiful African nation, frequently labelled ‘the hungriest nation on Earth’. Bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda, much of its western border is one of the ‘Great Lakes’, Lake Tanganyika. Burundi is a nation that has suffered the consequences of conflict. Learn more about Burundi here.

Simon Guillebaud felt called to Burundi during the Civil War in 1999. He recognised the potential for strategic co-operation with local leaders and founded GLO in 2003. In 2015, during the presidential crisis, GLO was working apolitically behind the scenes through our partners to promote peace across the nation. 

GLO identifies, equips and empowers the best local leaders of passion, integrity, gifting and vision for the transformation of Burundi, bottom-up and top-down.

GLO now supports over 25 partners in a variety of sectors, from education and social enterprise, to evangelism and church training. These partnerships are subject to the highest level of leadership accountability and financial scrutiny.

Suffice to say, by empowering wonderful local brothers and sisters, we have seen and continue to see individual lives transformed, families transformed and communities transformed.

Watch the GLO Video

This is GLO, in less than 2 minutes!

A Leader and a GLO Partner

One of our partners is Igniting Communities for Jesus (ICJ) based in the north of Burundi, close to the border of Rwanda and the Congo (DRC). The geography is important – this area has witnessed horrific atrocities during the civil war and through guerrilla attacks. 

ICJ is run by a young man, ‘Bosco’. His own story is so inspirational (watch the video here). The work he and his team are doing to support orphans and widows is simply stunning. 

View and download photographs from ICJ here:

This video tells the story of Boudesianne, a widow helped by Igniting Communities for Jesus.

Pray for Burundi

Prayer has always been the bedrock of our work, and we always seek the support of those who will ‘stand in the gap’ and intercede for Burundi. To keep up to date with our latest prayer news, sign up to receive our email newsletter. For general prayer points, click here

We also host a lively and informative prayer meeting for Burundi every Saturday morning at 9am, led by Simon with live contributions from Burundi via Zoom. We normally have over 100 people join, it’s quite an exciting experience! Register here to receive the link

Supporting GLO Financially

If your church, or individuals in your congregation would like to support GLO financially as a mission partner, we would be so very grateful. 

You can donate securely online using the link below:

Churches outside the UK, can donate online using these links:

US$  |  Euros  |  Swiss Franc (CHF)  |  Australian Dollars  |  Canadian Dollars

To give by bank transfer (most cost-effective for large donations):

Account Name: Great Lakes Outreach
Account No: 13505459
Sort Code: 60-04-53

Please put your name and GLO as the reference and email to tell us. 

Cheques are payable to Great Lakes Outreach and should be sent to Great Lakes Outreach, 1st Floor, Tower House, Latimer Park, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1TU. Thank you! 

Simon Guillebaud

Simon is a gifted communicator and inspires people to live purposefully. He regularly speaks in churches and conference events. Do contact  the GLO office if you would like to invite him to your church or event. You can watch and listen to some of Simon’s sermons/talks here.

Simon is also the author of several books including the bestselling devotional ‘Choose Life‘. Simon posts regular blog articles and has recently launched an upbeat and uplifting podcast ‘Inspired… with Simon Guillebaud’, introducing the listener to a stunning variety of people from all walks of life.

Fundraising Ideas

There’s nothing like a fundraising effort to bring people together. From sponsored walks and bike rides, to walk-to-church Sundays and youth group danceathons, your creativity could make a huge difference to fellow believers in Burundi. 

Visit our fundraising page for ideas and details:

Useful Links

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