GLO Uphill Struggle

If you’re looking for inspiration to raise funds for GLO, our new themed challenge is called ‘Uphill Struggle’. 

By attempting something that isn’t easy for you, you’ll not only be raising vital funds that will transform many lives but will be standing in solidarity with Burundians, identifying with their daily struggle. And as you do so, pray for them. Ease and comfort are not allowed in this challenge. No cake sales or pyjama parties… this requires serious effort!

You may want to raise funds by being sponsored to climb a mountain or cycling a great distance. Or, if you usually drive to school, work or church, try walking for a month (or more!). The money saved could buy a bike for someone like Gervais. Could you give up treats or luxuries for a week/month/year, or something equally sacrificial? Captain Tom was an inspiration to us all. It was a struggle for him to walk outside, so he completed 100 laps of his garden! 


What could your Uphill Struggle be?

Do let us know if you plan to take up the challenge. 
We can provide you with…

School Fundraising

Many schools have got involved with raising money for Burundi.

Only 32% of children in Burundi complete lower secondary education – we want to change that. Many of our partners have schools or community education centres that are bringing opportunities to the most marginalised. 

Your school fundraising effort may focus on raising funds for the building of a new school or supporting a school meals programme. Cake sales, sponsored events,  non-uniform days – the only limit is your imagination!

If you would like any resources from us please get in touch.