How can I pray for Burundi?

Like any nation, Burundi’s needs are varied and complex, but we’re always encouraged to hear so many stories of lives transformed through answers to prayer. Below are some key areas that are always good to pray for, but if you’d like to hear more up-to-date requests and stories, we’d invite you to join us in two key areas.


The best way to stay connected with what’s happening in Burundi & Beyond, our newsletters contain a wide variety of uplifting stories, information on difficult situations and feedback on our various projects. 

Zoom Prayer Meetings

We meet on Zoom every Saturday to pray for Burundi. These meetings have been a huge encouragement to many and are a wonderful chance to taste the worldwide church as we gather from all corners of the globe to lift up our prayers for Burundi. 

Prayer Points for GLO and Burundi

Pray for our partners:

  • Wisdom and discernment for the leader of each partner organisation
  • For the employees that work under them, and all the families supported by each of these jobs
  • For their individual ministries and projects, ranging from empowering people out of poverty to educating church leaders to street children projects.
For the nation of Burundi:
  • Lift up the current cost of living crisis, impacted the poorest people most dramatically.
  • For the president, ‘Neva’, and his governing officials. That they would be given strength as they carry out their duties.
  • For the many living in poverty across the nation, particularly in rural communities.
  • Good education for the next generation of leaders in Burundi.

For GLO’s operations outside of Burundi:

  • Simon, as international director and those working in our UK and US offices.
  • For all our generous and faithful supporters who give so much in prayer and finances.
  • That our fundraising efforts would continue to enable the vital work of our partners in Burundi.
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