Here for a Purpose!

Here for a Purpose!

Our partners, Purpose Discovery, address the big questions. They are committed to raising awareness amongst young people regarding the purpose of their existence. Through visits to churches and schools, they build up a network of clubs where young people can address themes such as time management, creativity and innovation.

So many young people have never thought about the reason they were created. Innocent and his team aim to encourage them to consider their goals and work hard at their studies to seek out their God-given purpose!

In the words of Ines, who met with Innocent of Purpose Discovery at her church, “The thought of my reason for existence has never entered my mind before.”

Having no purpose in life leads to a life without hope. Over Christmas, Innocent met with a group of young street-connected children for whom the future looked bleak. They were initially scared of living with a foster family, fearing being mistreated, scarred by their past experiences on the streets. With gentle persuasion and encouragement, Purpose Discovery secured a safe new home for them. They are now enjoying family life and attending school. It is wonderful to see these young lives rerouted towards love in place of fear.


Exam Stress Healed

Exams are a common cause of stress, which can lead difficulties with health. Eliane always used to get sick when her exams were nearing. She’d be so unwell her grades would suffer, fueling a cycle of fear leading up to each examination season. She was still suffering from headaches when Purpose Discovery visited her school. They prayed with her and she said that she felt like a weight had been lifted off her body and the headache had disappeared! She felt released from the fear of the upcoming exams and asked for continued prayer.⁠

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