Homes of Hope Child Sponsorship

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Homes of Hope Child Sponsorship

Your monthly support will make a world of difference for a child (or children) at Homes of Hope.

Homes of Hope offers orphans and vulnerable children a supportive and loving environment designed in such a way as to help children thrive. Each child is placed in a small home (not a large dormitory) with foster parents who provide nurture and care. The homes are grouped in a small village community that enables children to play in safety, surrounded by hills and nature. Their development is supported through education, play and mentoring. The education they receive is at one of the best-performing schools in the country. They also receive nutritious meals, good quality clothing and clean bedding.

You will receive the name and profile of the child/children you are sponsoring in the next two weeks. Our safeguarding policy removes the possibility of communicating directly with the child/children you support, but you would be welcome to correspond via email through the GLO offices. Information will be sent to you once you set up your sponsorship. We will also provide you with an annual update of their progress and a card at Christmas. Should you ever wish to visit the child you are sponsoring in Burundi, please contact the GLO offices.

Thank you for making this important decision to transform a child’s life!

We have set the cost to sponsor at £30 per month. The true cost to support a child is between £80 and £90, so we aim to find two sponsors per child. This also provides continuity if one sponsor is unable to continue their support.

Children share their experiences of living at Homes of Hope