When you live in the world's poorest nation, life is an adventure of faith. Thank you for sharing the adventure with us!

Amazing Grace

This short film is a beautiful update on an extraordinary life journey, well worth five minutes of your time. It's part of a series we've filmed telling stunning stories of triumphant faith under fire from Burundi. You hear so much bad news, but there's great news in the mix as well! We want to pump out all the good news we can amidst all the heaviness which is also our current reality. Do subscribe on YouTube if you want to see the other films too.

Dieudonne's Story on Film

See the incredible story of Dieudonne's life, how he has managed to forgive his father's killers and now sponsors their children through school.

Dieudonne - New Generation

In 1993 when the war broke out Dieudonne was at Boarding School. His father and other relatives were killed. He was 17 and it was very difficult to continue at school. He was very involved in the Catholic church at this point. After two years he went to stay with a friend at university. Here he encountered God challenging him to ‘love our enemies and forgive.' It was like an audible voice in the room. He asked for peace and was filled with peace and joy.

At a Crusade for Christ he made a decision for Jesus. It was 1998. Someone gave him $5 at church and asked what he was doing for Christmas. He caught a bus to the city centre and saw a group of young children. He asked them what they thought of Christmas. They sang together. With his $5, he bought some soda and bread to share with them. It was a powerful time of celebration. He experienced a great deal of joy and a clear call to go to the streets and preach the gospel.

Dieudonne began to take a group of street children to the beach every Sunday. Their numbers swelled to around 200. They prayed for food and one day there was none. Dieudonne told the children that God is a God of miracles. They took time and pray and out of the blue, Simon Guillebaud turned up with food left over from a party. This was the beginning of the adventure.

Every Christmas since he first met the street children, Dieudonne has hosted a party with street children. Numbers have sometimes reached 2000.

One day whilst he was preaching on the beach, a member of the Billy Graham team happened to be there. He invited Dieudonne to a conference in Amsterdam with Billy Graham, a great honour. He was one of 11000 evangelists from all over the world. But after one week he suddenly felt completely alone. He realised he was missing the children on the streets.

In 1999 a malaria epidemic broke out and Dieudonne rented a room for sick children. This was funded by a generous businessman. He had planned to stay for a month but ended up staying there for four years.

These were the early beginnings of the organisation Dieudonne founded, New Generation. It is inspired by King David, author of the Psalms. Dieudonne seeks to follow David's principles of leadership.

Bosco's Story

Jean Bosco witnessed his mother and others being killed in a brutal way yet he is full of grace, zeal and forgiveness.

Eric's Story

Eric was a street child. Now he works for New Generation, transforming the lives of other street children. 

Milk for Transformation

A beautiful story of how cows are bringing hope and transformation to a whole community in Burundi.

Charles' Story

He was about to run in the 1993 World Championships 800m final in Toronto, when he received a phone call informing him that his parents had been murdered and their bodies dumped down a latrine...


As he was being tortured to death, he told his captors, "You can't kill me, because God is sending me back to my nation to preach forgiveness and reconciliation!" A great story of triumphant faith under fire...

Francois - Harvest Initiatives

Francois is married to Dorine. They have four children, two girls and two boys. Dorine adopted the two girls as orphans before she married. This had made it unlikely that any Burundian would want to marry her.

 As an adolescent Francois had many issues. He failed at everything. He was always unhappy. He had no joy. He didn’t get on with his family. His parents sometimes kicked him out for the night.

 Francois struggled with studying at school. So he cried out to God, “I will serve you if I get through school.” He didn’t actually know what it meant to serve God but somehow he felt peaceful when he offered to serve Him!

It was a tough year and he struggled with bad behaviour and the temptation to cheat.  But he passed! People said it was ‘a miracle’.

Francois went to celebrate his success at a dance with other teenagers. His parents were angry because this meant he travelled to a different province they didn’t want him to visit. On the way back, he met someone who was born again. They shared with him about Jesus. He discussed his problems with his new friend and confessed his sins to God. It wasn’t easy. He prayed, “I can’t do it, I am very weak, I can’t be a good Christian.”

His friend, a preacher, invited him to stay at his home. Francois was impressed at how God was using his friend despite his young age (the same as Francois) and he prayed to serve God like that, bursting into tears. Friends shared with him the story of David fighting with Goliath and this inspired him.

When he eventually returned home, his mother was angry with him. His parents weren’t interested in his faith but they liked his new good behaviour. He worked hard to keep the peace. He helped by cleaning their house, losing lots of weight, trying to do everything right to show he was born again.

In 1999 he went to an SU Bible Camp where he met Simon Guillebaud and the rest of the SU team. They helped him and came to visit him at his Catholic school. Following this, he started sharing his faith at school and lots of people came to listen to him. Many were changed. But the school was annoyed with him, saying he was disturbing the students. It was a difficult time. He persisted and after two years he started an official SU Bible group in the school. Many of his friends received Jesus.

Soon after that, he met Onesphore who shared his vision for Harvest. Harvest clubs gather groups of young professional Christians. They fellowship together and work to mobilise believers in holistic mission projects. Harvest invited Francois to join their team.

Francois launched a new outreach club in the Musaga community.  So he really ‘grew up’ with Harvest. By 2011 Francois had completed his mission to plant clubs in every province. He didn’t know what the next step would be.

At an SU youth camp, he had become aware of a community of Batwa people in Busiga. He felt called to go there. He shared this with his fiancée, Dorine. At the time, Dorine had a good job working at Kings Conference Centre. It was a daunting challenge to move to Busiga but she accepted it. When they were married, they spent three years in Busiga helping the Batwa, pioneering the work of Harvest here, which still continues today. 

Donatien – Harvest Initiatives

Donatien comes from a Catholic family with 10 children. He is the youngest.

Donatien's parents decided not to send their children to school. Donatien really wanted to go to school so he used to follow other children there. One day his Dad was very annoyed because he didn't know where he went. So he followed him to see. His Dad saw that Donatien was following other children to school. So he decided to send Donatien to school too. It’s by the grace of God this happened as he is the only one of the ten children with an education.

In 1995 he succeeded in the national tests (only 20% succeed).

Donatien has a favourite saying: “You can’t say to someone ‘God loves you’ if they don’t have shelter." He has been involved with the work of Harvest for many years.

In 2007 during the National Outreach, the Harvest team came across a lady who’d been ill for seven years. At this point, Donatien was a new convert. She couldn’t stand by herself – the community said if he prayed for her and she stood up, they would receive Jesus. So he prayed and she rose to her feet – around 20 people received Jesus. Some thought this was witchcraft. After a week, the lady died. At the funeral, 50 more people received Jesus. Donatien explained that the healing wasn’t from him, it was from Jesus.

The Lady from Mount Heha

Goretti Wege is one of Burundi's leading ladies and a real light in the GLO team. Born and bred on the slopes of the country's highest mountain, she narrowly survived the Civil War and now serves tirelessly as General Manager of Kings Conference Centre (KCC), leading a team of 20. Goretti came to faith aged 14 whilst meeting together with a group of three other girls at High school to study the Bible. She is still friends with two of them. At weekends they used to go in search of food and wood to help old people in the village. Goretti says the highlight of her job is seeing people arrive at KCC feeling tired then leaving a few days later refreshed and with their spirits lifted. The crisis of 2015 was heartbreaking as KCC had to cut their staff team by half but praise God, they managed to keep the business going throughout the year, whilst many hotels had to close down. Those who are still employed at KCC decided to tithe their money to those who lost their jobs and the whole team still meets regularly to pray together, like a family. The next extension of KCC brings hope for more jobs in the future.

When talking about her faith Goretti said she has learnt to forgive every day.

Introducing Onesphore

Onesphore is married to Innocente, a doctor and they have four children. He was born in 1972 at the start of the war. During his first week of life, civil war broke out and his parents had to decide whether to keep him alive or flee the area and risk the death of their newborn baby, Onesphore, who needed urgent medical attention. They decided to flee for the sake of the other children. Yet Onesphore still survived, against all the odds.
During his national service, Onesphore heard the voice of God calling for a movement for revival. He was filled with energy and passion and preached everywhere he could. He started an organisation called Harvest for Christ (now Harvest Initiatives).
Harvest sent a team to witness across the country but they were all arrested. Onesphore drove to Muramvya, met the governor to take responsibility for the team. The governor told them all to get out. They realised that if they wanted to return, they needed to embrace holistic mission (i.e. help people practically, not just through preaching).
The Batwa in particular needed a cross cultural mission approach. The team met with members of the tribe and asked them what they needed in practical terms. This provided their agenda for action. Because it was also the Batwa's own agenda, the Harvest team were accepted into the Batwa community - it was very rare for them to accept members of other tribes but they trusted the Harvest team. The Batwa lived in small huts with no space. Housing became the number one priority. Food and medical care were lacking so this became another priority. Every month, six people in the community died because of the lack of medical care and the poor living conditions. The Harvest team treated the people with love and prayers and the ministry now serves 650 families in five different areas. Nurses started visiting people in their homes. The children started to go to school, a breakthrough as previously the Batwa did not recognise the value of education and didn't encourage their children to attend.
Onesphore felt challenged by God to provide food for the children. He saw a little Batwa boy standing by a banana tree and it was as if God was speaking to him through the boy, saying “Why don’t you care for me like you care for your own son?” The team now feed around 1500 children daily, with a nutritious meal. It costs just $50 a year to feed each child.
After providing for the Batwa’s physical needs, the Batwa started to ask “Show us how we can have your peace, love, passion and joy.” So the team began to share their faith with them. Now there are Batwa-led churches in three of the areas where Harvest works.
Onesphore has handed over the leadership of Harvest and is now the National Director of Great Lakes Outreach in Burundi.

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