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Community Transformation

With the recent unrest in Burundi, peace is a key priority

 Christian Initiatives for Peace (CIP) was formed during the 2015 political crisis. It's become a vital new project helping keep violence at bay.

Eleven organizations joined together in beautiful unity. Each uses their different strengths to lead strategic peace initiatives:

  • keeping young people out of danger
  • broadcasting peace by TV and radio
  • campaigning and lobbying for peace

Lives have been saved, young people are being kept out of danger and crises defused. Many of the stories are too sensitive to tell. Our political stance is neutral.

One man was so depressed about the violence in the country that he decided that the best thing to do was to kill his family members to save them further suffering. He heard one of our CIP peace broadcasts and realised that there is always hope. He changed his mind and his family survived to tell the tale.



Feeding the hungriest nation

Many of our projects involve food, which is vital in one of the world's hungriest nations. 

One of the smaller projects we support, Bravo, works with former prostitutes. During the recent crisis, this project ran a workshop to help the women address their fears. Many of them said they were afraid of starving to death and the money they earnt by making handicrafts sold through the project is helping to keep them alive. 


Changing lives one by one

Houses not huts, healthcare not witch doctors, farming not starving, education not ignorance, employment not hand-outs, peace not killing… one by one, lives and communities are being changed. 

We help people of all faiths and none regardless of their views.

Our Community Transformation partners include: Christian Initiatives for Peace (CIP), Partners Trust International (PTI), Harvest Initiatives (HI), EE J-Life and APRID.

PTI provides outstanding leadership and theological training, medical and development work.

CIP broadcasts peace programmes to millions each week and keeps young people out of political violence. 

HI reaches to the heart of Batwa communities, providing homes, sanitation, jobs, medical care, education and introducing modern farming techniques. Harvest also runs an internationally known summer outreach across the country.

APRID works across interfaith relations whilst EE fearlessly shares the gospel.

Our newest partner, J-life, works with orphans and widows to help them step out of poverty.


Young Leaders and Education

The future of Burundi lies in the way it raises its children. So we are creating the very best opportunities for the next generation.

That means stronger families, excellent schools, more schools, training and rehabilitation for street children… We work to stem the brain-drain, care for orphans, prevent AIDs, create excellent schools, to raise young leaders of integrity and to instill honesty in a new generation.

All this means that tomorrow will be brighter.

Everything is possible with your prayers and support. Thank you.

Burundi Youth for Christ (BYFC) works miracles for children in Burundi providing  a number of lovely orphanages and leading schools.

Gitega International Academy (GIA) is a senior school built by BYFC to stop the brain drain of children out of the country. GIA has rapidly become one of the nation's top performing schools, encouraging critical thinking and offering a balanced curriculum. GIA is developing a generation of future leaders with a heart to serve their communities with integrity.



Integrity not cheating

Cheating is the norm at most Burundian schools. Not in our schools... With a culture of dishonesty, instilling honesty from infancy is a high priority for us. Children in Africa need to see that integrity is the way.

Our partner, Burundi Youth for Christ (BYFC), has already built several primary schools. The land for these schools has been provided by the government, such is the standing of the organisation nationally. Standards in the BYFC schools are so high that parents camp outside to gain a place for their children.


In this together

Members of different tribes model ethnic unity by working together. This culture applies to all our partners'  teams. It is such a powerful witness to children and young people, who learn best by example.

Our partners working with young leaders and education include: SU Burundi, UGBB, BYFC and New Generation.

SU Burundi is one of the oldest and most respected NGOs in Burundi. Its work covers the whole country. SU delivers nation-changing programmes to inspire young people to lead godly lives, It educates families and young people about AIDS prevention and supports marriages. Its work to provide sound christian teaching materials and to train pastors and churches is key.

New Generation is raising a generation of leaders for the country. Its team has travelled to the street children world cup in Brazil. New Generation  works with street children providing education and enterprise opportunities. Its work is vital to the peace process. 

UGBB works with university and high school students to provide a sound foundation in Christian values for life, encouraging a servant leadership lifestyle with high integrity.




Economic Empowerment

We mean business with long-term solutions to poverty

Unemployment in Burundi is huge, running at 70% and higher in some areas. Social enterprises offer dignity, jobs, skills and sustainable change. Any surplus they create can be ploughed back into charitable projects. So we encourage all our partners to do business.

Every job creates a ripple of hope. One job can sustain a whole family. In Burundi, that’s usually eight people. These eight people then put money back into their local economy, buying commodities and services. Hope multiplies...

GLO is a member of Poverty Cure

Faith in hospitality

SU asked Simon Guillebaud to help them become more sustainable. He says, “I asked them what they thought I could do to help. They came back with a proposal that I help them start a Conference Centre to hire out. Thanks to generous donations we were able to build them one of the best hotels in Bujumbura. We have recently started to build  Phase 2 to add more bedrooms and conference facilities, to provide more jobs and attract more business, so vital to the people of Burundi."

Hand-ups not hand-outs

To effect longterm change we provide longterm solutions. We encourage each of our ten partners to invest in social enterprise to help fund their work. In this way, they are not dependant on us but can create their own resources for the future. 

BBAC (Burundi Bio Agricultural Communities) - the BBAC Milk for Transformation project is a lifeline for over 5000 people from rural Ryarusera to the refugee camp at Carama. BBAC has provided over 400 high yield milk Jersey or Friesian cows to families. These cows provide 16 times the amount of milk yielded by Burundian longhorn cows. What a difference a cow makes!

Kings Conference Centre (KCC) - hotel and conference centre in central Bujumbura. See the latest reviews here on Tripadvisor!

Will you also help us bring transformation to Burundi?


Every donation, small or large makes a difference to someone in Burundi. The needs in Burundi are great, but your giving will make a huge difference!

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