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Collaboration brings hope to the Batwa!

Two of our partners, Harvest Initiatives and Kick Off for Hope are collaborating to bring employment training to the Batwa in villages where Harvest works. The Batwa are the poorest 1% of the population in Burundi. They are poorly educated and often face great discrimination, being regarded as less than human, so this training is a real breakthrough for them!

Amazing TV Opportunity!

Thanks to you, our faithful supporters, we have been able to take the incredible opportunity of a place on the Board of Heritage TV. This means we can help ensure that the poorest Burundians get the best quality TV in terms of Christian teaching.

Cows spell HOPE!

A farmer in Gihanga, Arcade, with the help of our BBAC project, recently took on a small cow which no-one else wanted. Previously he had only farmed vegetables so this was a new venture for him. His cow wasn’t pregnant so the team had to introduce it to the bull…

Arcade says, “After a long wait, feeding it and looking after it well, it finally gave birth to beautiful bull in February 2019. Now I am getting an average of 18 litres of milk per day, which is about 430,000 Fbu. My cow, Mpundu now stands at a value of 4,000,000 Fbu; she is a beauty and anyone who gazes at her, appreciates her stature.  At the end of each month there is a surplus of over 150,000 Fbu which comes in and helps my family. I can then concentrate on investing in my farming as my family is well taken care of with income and a constant supply of milk to help my son grow up well and healthy.

“This project has opened my eyes and I now realise the benefits it brings to me, my family and to the community of Gihanga.  Because of that, I went on to invest in more cows. 

 “I am so grateful for our new cow, it’s changed our lives so much. We can feed the children well and they can all go to school.

“I love this project so much … and I am not saying this to please the ‘abazungu,’ (white people) but because I have seen how it has changed and impacted my family.

Rice Multiplies

Bosco at JLife writes: "We believe in empowering people to help themselves. We were able to purchase a rice field where a group of widows are now growing rice. We are thankful to the Lord that we have already harvested once and planted again. As well as providing rice to eat, they managed to make a profit and want to invest this in a new soap business." 

Connecting Leaders

Every month GLO leaders get together, to meet and pray together. These are important times of encouragement and learning from one another. Pictured here are many of the GLO leaders from the various projects we support, along with Charlotte Hutchinson, Trustee of GLO UK, who was visiting the team in Burundi.

Sew Good

These ladies are just a few of the many being trained by Kick Off to Hope in different areas. 29 women have already graduated from a six month training school, whilst those pictured here have just begun their programme. One of them summed up how they feel, "I am so happy to get this chance to learn how to use a sewing machine. It will help me to have a job and make money. After we've trained, we could become one group. We could hire a place to stay and create revenue. God will help."

Second Chances

Claudine, single parent of four little ones says, 

"It is amazing that I can read and write after attending 4 months of classes (run by JLife).

I have never been to school but I am thankful that I can read and write. I can open my Bible and read it without having someone else read for me." 

She is one of 50 widows learning reading, writing and numeracy, all crucial skills for making a living. 

In Burundi,  only  54.6% of females are able to read and write.


Kings Conference Centre #1 on Tripadvisor

Kings Conference Centre has been voted #1 of 21 Hotels in Bujumbura. Goretti Wege, General Manager, says, "We believe the future of this nation is worth investing in. More than a conference centre, we are a social enterprise that exists to transform the future of Burundi." Currently undergoing expansion, the building is in two sections, so the development does not disturb guests. 

Educating a Nation!

New Generation has delivered its very first Entrepreneurship training for 20 young girls and women at risk aged between 13 and 24. They also taught life skills, listened to the girls' stories and provided advice.

As the saying goes: ''If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation,'' African Proverb.

Join us in 2020 for the Cycling Experience of a Lifetime!

 Cycling an average of 110km a day for 7 days in aid of the GLO’s lifesaving work in Burundi, the African GLO Tour crosses Rwanda through stunning scenery including a tea plantation, a volcano park and genocide sites. It's not too late to book for the experience of a lifetime... More info is here to download. Please forward this to all cyclists! Thank you.


Celebrating the Word

Church leaders gathered together at Kings Conference Centre in Bujumbura to celebrate the new Kirundi bible. Pictured here are leaders from different denominations worshipping joyfully giving thanks for the new translation. 

Bus Dedication

Thanks to a very generous gift from The Diamond Trust, Gitega International Academy has been able to purchase a much-needed school bus. Here you can see staff and students giving thanks and praying to dedicate the bus to the Lord. 

Prayer for Burundi

Antioch School joined together with Christian Initiatives for Peace and GLO to organize a national Prayer conference which gathered 200 intercessors from different cities and churches of Burundi. It was a  wonderful time praying for the nation.

Sport brings Unity

Scripture Union Burundi have been trained to use sport. They organized football games in 13 different churches across different denominations, followed up with a celebration in Bujumbura Cathedral attended by 2,000 children.

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