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Girl Power!

New Generation has completed an exciting new initiative - entrepreneurship training for street connected children. Now they are focusing on street-connected teenage girls as a second group to benefit from this innovative programme. Project Director Dieudonne Nahimana says, "We feel that they need to learn Entrepreneurial skills and take care of themselves as independent women in the 21st century!"

Bus Dedication

Thanks to a very generous gift from The Diamond Trust, Gitega International Academy has been able to purchase a much-needed school bus. Here you can see staff and students giving thanks and praying to dedicate the bus to the Lord. 

Swimming Lake Tanganyika to Raise a Roof

Niki Kountourou and Fiona Nicolle were very moved by a talk by Jean Bosco Mutebutsi, leader of our partner, J-Life. Bosco explained how many pgymy widows and orphans suffer because of terrible housing conditions. So Niki and Fiona decided to swim the equivalent of the length of Lake Tanganyika. They raised enough money to provide a new home for a widow and her children in Burundi.

Prayer for Burundi

Antioch School joined together with Christian Initiatives for Peace and GLO to organize a national Prayer conference which gathered 200 intercessors from different cities and churches of Burundi. It was a  wonderful time praying for the nation.

Sport brings Unity

Scripture Union Burundi have been trained to use sport. They organized football games in 13 different churches across different denominations, followed up with a celebration in Bujumbura Cathedral attended by 2,000 children.

President welcomes New Generation football team

Congratulations on reaching the semifinals of the  with their team, which is called Imboneza. They came third overall! Following their success, the President of The Republic of Burundi, Mr Pierre Nkurunziza, welcomed the team to the Presidency, a great honour.

A Hand-up for Janvier

New Generation have helped Janvier, a young teenager aged 16, to start his own sewing business. Simply by covering his rent for two months, New Generation gave Janvier the hand-up he needed to start the business, so he can pay his own rent and thrive.

Stories of Transformation - newsletter from GLO

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Dream Comes True....

The dream for Gitega International Academy is to stop the brain drain of students out of Burundi. And it's coming true; many pupils have transferred to GIA from other schools in other countries because their parents know they no longer need to leave Burundi to receive an excellent English-speaking education. In this way, GIA is raising young leaders with integrity, ready to take up leadership positions in the country in the future.


777km in aid of Burundi

Congratulations to all those who took part in the African GLO Tour 2018. 

Cycling an average of 110km a day for 7 days in aid of the GLO’s lifesaving work in Burundi, the ride crossed Rwanda through stunning scenery including a tea plantation, a volcano park and genocide sites. 

Cows bring Beautiful Transformation!

The Milk for Transformation project is an innovative social enterprise established in a rural community with 400 families and farmers. It is now starting to develop a new base and outreach in Gihanga, Cibitoke, an area of the country most affected by the recent famine in East Africa.  

End of Year Report

Take a look at this brief summary - just a few examples of what our wonderful supporters helped us achieve in 2017.


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