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Interfaith Outreach

Crossing interfaith barriers, reaching out to the rejected

Reaching across the borders of faith

Lack of Educational Opportunity leads to Vulnerability

Vast chunks of a whole generation in Burundi missed out on much of their education. A large proportion of children and young people have borne the legacy of civil war which broke out in 1993. During the war, 60% of Burundian children of school-going age were illiterate while 5,000 others were street children. A further 7,000 children were drafted into the army as soldiers and around 250,000 became HIV/AIDS orphans. Because of this extensive heritage of suffering and lack of education, the Burundian people can be very vulnerable to all sorts of teachings. Often these don't promote peaceful and healthy community.

Crossing Boundaries of Faith

It's sensitive and very strategic work to cross boundaries of different types of faith but in working with a number of exceptional partners, we are seeing great fruit. Where people are rejected because of their beliefs we come alongside and help them reconnect and start over again.

By teaming up with a number of key organisations, we are able to help them work together to make the very most of their few resources.  This means that the impact of their work is reaching as widely as possible over the nation.

Our partners carry significant life experience in the field of interfaith relationships as many of those involved have themselves been rejected because of their own faith. Many of them have experienced what it is like to be thrown out of home, marriage, family and school.

The passion and integrity of our teams is astonishing and shines brightly in incredibly tough situations. Some have even lost everything because of their faith and we are able to step in and support them, bringing reconciliation wherever possible.

Many are finding hope in discovering the beautiful truths of the Christian faith applied in their own lives. They are growing in the fruits of the spirit - peace, love, hope, joy, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, patience and self control. These benefit everybody - both the individuals themselves and the community around them.

We encourage our all partners to undertake social enterprise activities so that their work becomes more and more sustainable wherever possible.

Recent Story of Transformation

Two girls were recently banished from their school because of their faith. Thanks to the intervention of our skilled and compassionate partner, these girls are now back in school and studying without problems. Instead of being vulnerable to becoming street children, they have regained their education, they have a hope and a future ahead of them. 


Prayer requests

We thank God for the opportunities we have and for everyone involved in this work

We pray for strong relationships 

We pray for all the various activities being undertaken and for provision



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