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If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD--and he will repay you! Prov 16:17 (NLT)

J Life reaches out to the most vulnerable communities, widows and orphans, sharing the word of Christ and providing practical support, coming alongside them to help them rebuild their lives and fulfil their potential

Who we help: pygmies, widows and orphans in remote areas and forgotten communities in Northern Burundi. During the civil war, rebels camped out in the forests neighbouring these areas and carried out frequent raids, murdering residents and causing havoc. Many were tragically widowed or orphaned and being in remote areas, have since received little or no support.

What we offer: working with local leaders to provide practical input including helping construct brick homes to replace leaky mud huts, making frequent supportive visits, leading bible studies, providing training centres, reusable sanitary towels, teaching literacy, numeracy and farming skills and helping initiate microenterprises.

Our projects: J-Life works with vulnerable remote forgotten communities to teach numeracy, literacy, micro-enterprise (including a soap-making business), bible studies, honey production and IT training. We work with 200 widows and orphans in Ciya where we were able to build three classrooms to teach bible studies, hygiene and good agricultural practices, along with a new vocational centre and sleeping accommodation for those who were homeless.

A new training base is in construction in a Batwa community in Muramvya, where children can be educated, adults can learn skills to become self-sufficient and feed their families and healthcare improved.

Recent story of transformation: Theogene and Edwin were born in Burundi but lost their parents during the war and found themselves alone in Rwanda. They made their way back to their homeland and our supporters have funded a new home, as well as education and training. They now keep rabbits, goats and chickens. Edwin says, “My dream is to have ten chickens so we can start to save for the future.”

Prayer needs:

For the community at Ciya, for all the widows and orphans to fulfil their potential

Give thanks for all God is doing here

For the widows and orphans who still need their own homes

For the honey, soap-making and IT initiatives

For the community of Muramvya and for the new training centre there

Jean Bosco Mutebutsi, above, is Director of J-Life Burundi - this video tells his story.

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