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Kings Conference Centre

“We believe that this nation has great potential and if we can just create a little space for opportunity and possibility, amazing things can happen.KCC was constructed to be a site of hope, sustainability and empowerment, a source of stimulus to nourish the soil of Burundi "

KCC is a visionary social enterprise in the heart of Bujumbura, providing first class facilities to travellers and the wider community.

Who we work with:

  • the business community, government organisations, mission groups, tourists and others who need to use KCC for conferences and meetings.
  • Scripture Union Burundi owns KCC and all profits go towards its valuable work throughout Burundi.

What we offer: KCC provides a whole mosaic of benefits to Burundi:

  1. Creating jobs in tough times With unemployment running at around 70%, this is incredibly valuable. In turn, each of those families is a light in their own communities where they live, so there is a snowball effect. For example, each staff member has chosen to give 10% of their income to support others who were jobless.
  2. Modelling business integrity – each of our staff members carries and uses a ‘no bribe’ card 
  3. Sowing into gospel outreach nationwide - all profits go towards the amazing work of Scripture Union Burundi
  4. Uniting the church in prayer – providing a rare neutral meeting place for believers is vital to build unity. A special room for 24/7 prayer is planned for the top floor of the new extension, with views right across the country.
  5. A bold witness to Burundi and visitors from all over the world

Our mantra is excellence in Jesus’ name, and it’s called King’s Conference Centre because it belongs to the King of Kings.

Recent Review on Tripadvisor
Over and over we continue to be served Excellent Hospitality! The safe and welcoming environment can boast of lovely gardens, friendly staff, clean rooms, comfortable beds, air conditioning, reasonable rates, good food and integrity! We have stayed at KCC since it's opening and have never been disappointed. I highly advise you make KCC your place to stay when you visit Bujumbura, Burundi!

Prayer Needs 

For all the staff and their families

For the new extension, giving thanks for recent provision and praying for the first two floors to open on time in the new year

For all the guests to know the love of God

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Thank you for your support!

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