King's Conference Centre - Phase 2

We partnered with Scripture Union to launch the King’s Conference Centre in 2009 (see this video). It's a sustainable success story and a hit with locals and international guests alike. Not only do several dozen staff receive a good salary to provide for their families, but profits are ploughed back into Kingdom projects like pastor-training, youth camps and Bible distribution, etc. Beautiful!

Through the testing years - including this year when hotel and conference bookings have been affected by the COVID crisis - we carried on building Phase 2 one brick at a time… It's a huge, beautiful project and we believe it has strategic significance in the nation - bringing together ministries and influential people from across all social, political and ethnic groups under the Lordship of the King!

Please keep praying and journeying with us. There are 30 more hotel rooms and three more floors to equip. With your help, we’ll get there! Thank you for your support!

Latest Photographs of Phase 2:


Phase 2  gives KCC the ability to host multiple conferences and meetings. This is the landing leading to several conference rooms.


One of the conference rooms


"All our guests going up and down here have been taking photos. They are telling us 'it's like London'!"


Balcony area for conference breaks and drink receptions

Am I allowed to be proud and boast about Goretti as Manager and her team?! They’re top-notch! KCC is the No.1 Hotel in Burundi according to Tripadvisor. I love it that so many customers talk of the special atmosphere they experience – it’s because it’s the King’s Conference Centre!


Simon Guillebaud with Goretti, Manager of King's Conference Centre


The view from the top-floor is beautiful, overlooking the city of Bujumbura. It is a dedicated 24/7 prayer room where a constant stream of believers from across the city will be seeking the Lord for peace, protection and national unity. 

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