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Choose Life - the book

Award-winning devotional from Simon Guillebaud. 365 pithy readings to inspire you day by day.  Available at Amazon  

GLO materials

If you'd like a pack of the latest GLO literature, posters, newsletters, leaflets or anything to help you spread the work about Burundi and our work, please get in touch.

Choose Life - the app

Life is not a dress rehearsal! Put more life in your days with the inspirational Choose Life Challenge.

Free to download from the app store or sign up at the interactive website

Every week you will receive a mini challenge based on the Choose Life devotional book. Guilt or gratitude, bitter or better, accepting or exclusive, maximise or waste... There are 21 challenges in total and each week you can choose to accept or reject the challenge, with an option to share your experiences on the website wall.

More than Conquerors - book and DVD

Life is not a dress rehearsal. We only get one shot at it. Most people are just trying to arrive safely at death, but Jesus offers a better way. 

The More Than Conquerors Book and DVD by Simon Guillebaud go hand in hand or individually, and are both a call to radical discipleship. A great resource for small groups, with stunning footage. The DVD contains 13 short films which each cover a chapter in the book, dealing with topics to inspire you to an authentic discipleship. Prayer, justice, surrender, sacrifice, perseverance etc are all explored in the context of the rawness of life in Burundi, with all its rawness, challenges, beauty and hope.

Find out more or order the book. Find out more or order the DVD 

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