People Building

People Building

Antioch Foundation works to strengthen the Burundian church. Many pastors and church leaders do not have the opportunity to attend bible college or other formal training.

In the words of our partner, Antioch Foundation, “Many non-profits build buildings and programmes, Antioch Foundation exists to build people.”

Antioch Foundation provides in-church training for pastors, but also members of their congregations. They are unique in that they travel to local communities instead of expecting their students to travel to them. This saves both time and money, and past students speak of how the training has revolutionised their communities. We get a glimpse at how they achieve this through the testimonials of some who have benefitted from their work.

Annociate - an Antioch Foundation beneficiary


My name is Annociate. I am a tailor. I have never found my role in the church ministry until I learnt through the ‘First principles’ class that my workplace is mission field. It was a complete paradigm shift… I am still adjusting myself to it, but I can tell my attitude at job is no longer the same. I consider myself as a Christ ambassador, a missionary… What a privilege for a tailor to represent the Saviour of the World to my customers! 

Jean-Claude - an Antioch Foundation beneficiary


I didn’t know that the Bible is clear about my role as a husband to my wife, a father to my children. This has led to me reviewing my time management; I make sure to be back home as early as possible so I can have time with my family and I value most my relationship with my wife. 

Steve - an Antioch Foundation beneficiary


When I studied the booklet ‘Passing on Your Beliefs’ – my attitude about children changed ever. I am now involved in kids ministry at church because I understood that I have the responsibility to pass over my faith to the younger generation.

It’s wonderful to see multiple spheres of the church community positively impacted. From this selection of testimonials, we can see a transformation in attitude towards the workplace, the family and the next generation.

You can find more testimonies like this on Antioch’s Instagram page.

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