These stories are a testament to God’s faithfulness and to the courage and strength of these leaders. Each of them now works in their respective organisations for the transformation of Burundi.

Acher leader of Green land Alliance

Acher Niyonizigiye

Acher Niyonizigiye’s parents were from different ethnic groups, which meant through each round of cyclical violence, they lost members from either side of their extended family. From those early years, he felt he was out of place, born in the wrong

dieudonne smiles in front of green trees

Dieudonné Nahimana

It was Christmas day in 1993 when Dieudonné’s life changed completely. His father had recently been buried alive in a pit. His father was a respected judge, a community leader and a man of peace but this had offered him no protection. ​Dieudonné felt

Charles smiles standing in front of green trees

Charles Nkazamyampi

Charles Nkazamyampi is the founder and leader of the of Foundation Charles Nkazamyampi (FCN). He is a national hero because he won the silver medal in the 800m at the 1993 indoor World Championships in Toronto. Shortly before racing, he

Bosco smiles in front of green trees

Bosco Mutebutsi

Bosco is a gifted young Burundian leader with big dreams and huge potential. His smile is genuine and his manner relaxed, but they belie what has happened to him in his life…  It was 29th October 1993, a week after

Michel from CAPAMI smiles

Dr Michel Nsabiyumva

Michel grew up in an affluent, well-respected family, but as the seventh of eleven children, he always felt invisible and undervalued. No matter how well-behaved and academically successful he was, Michel always felt unwanted and rejected by his father, which

Ephraim speaks outdoors to a group of young men

Ephraim Ngendakuriyo

From a young age, Ephraim has known God’s calling on his life. As a child he became very unwell. It was 1986, and he needed a prolonged stay in hospital. Fearing for Ephraim’s life, his father offered him back up

Celestin Kubwimana

Celestin Kubwimana was born in the bush in Muramvya in a poor family. He reflects on a sad childhood, wondering why he had to suffer so much. At school, he used to ask his teachers what the purpose of life

Audry Masabo smiling in front of a large plant

Audry Masabo

Audry Masabo was born in Burundi during a full-blown political crisis, which meant that he spent most of his early years on the move throughout the Great Lakes region as a refugee. When he was 7-years-old, he remembers hiding under

Donatian Ndagijima smiles in front of green trees

Donatien Ndagijima

Donatien Ndagijima is the National Director of Harvest Initiatives. He was born in a poor rural family, the last of eleven children, and the only one to get a school education. He

Donatien smiles in a leafy courtyard

Donatien Nibogora

Donatien Nibogora is the Founder of RAJEDES. He was raised in a solid family in the capital, but his was only a nominal faith. From 2007, he joined GLO partner Harvest Initiatives

Munezero smiles in a leafy courtyard

Etienne Munezero

Munezero (which means ‘joy’) Etienne was raised in a solid family. He was loved and nurtured by both parents, and came to faith in Christ through consistent exposure to the gospel in

Euphrate from YFC Smiles in front of a red wall

Euphrate Ndayizigiye

Euphrate was born in 1968 to Christian parents. Sadly, the family’s situation changed drastically when his father was killed in the civil war of 1972 and their possessions and livelihood were stolen.These

Francine smiles in front of a white curtain

Francine Ngendakuriyo

Francine had a happy childhood as the second of five children. She can remember that despite the happiness of her home, she was plagued by fear – fear of the dark, and

Francois Kurunkunde

Francois, one of six children, was born into a nominally Christian family, but he never attended church. He was just 14-years-old when civil war broke out in Burundi. He was living in

Gratien smiles in a leafy courtyard

Gratien Nibigira

Gratien Nibigira is the founder of Restoration Burundi (Restobu). He was born in 1989. His father was killed in the war in 1993, and this led to a miserable childhood being raised

innocent smiles in front of plants

Innocent Tresor

Innocent was born in 1989 into a military family in Bujumbura. At the age of seven, he was sent up country to live with his grandmother. At this time he had dreams of becoming

Isaiah smiles outside a brick building

Isaiah Nshimirimana

Isaiah was born into a Christian family but his world changed when his mother died whilst he was still an infant. His father’s new wife did not love him as a mother

Jean Baptiste NZOHAGERA smiles in a leafy courtyard

Jean Baptiste Nzohagera

Jean Baptiste’s family did not go to church. Despite that, he seems to have had an awareness of God’s calling and remembers at the age of six wanting to become a priest.

aimee smiles in a leafy courtyard

Martine Dushime

Martine came from a nominally religious background. Things began to change when her mother became a Christian. Shortly after, her father also felt God’s calling upon his life and he too became

Onesphore smiles in a garden

Onesphore Manirakiza

Onesphore Manirakiza was born in the first week of the 1972 genocide. As his village was torched, the whole family fled. His Mother was still bleeding from giving birth, and she thought

Rachel smiles in front of plants

Rachel Muhorakeye

Rachel Muhorakeye is the National Director of Trans World Radio Burundi (TWR). She was raised in an Anglican family, but in her own words ‘didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus’. It

safari ruben from preaching ministry Burundi

Safari Ruben

Safari Ruben was raised in a solid upcountry family. The nearest church was far away but his parents made him attend. It was the social centre of the community. Church was a