Audry Masabo

Audry Masabo

Audry Masabo was born in Burundi during a full-blown political crisis, which meant that he spent most of his early years on the move throughout the Great Lakes region as a refugee. When he was 7-years-old, he remembers hiding under a corpse for several hours during a pitched battle to escape with his life. “I had no hope of surviving at that time”, he says. But in desperation he prayed, “God, if you really exist, save me from here and I will serve you for the rest of my life.” 

Well, God answered that prayer, but it was only eight years later that Audry remembered what he’d said as he surrendered his life to Jesus at an evangelistic rally. In his words,

“On the same night of the day of my conversion I had a dream that reminded me of the prayer I had made when I was seven years old in the valley of death. Thus I realized that not only did the Lord intend to save me from the difficult situation I was in, but also to save us from eternal torment.”

After this time, Audry came to the realisation there was no greater privilege than to share God’s wonderful plan with others. He began to share this news with his parents, brothers and sisters. His older sister gave her life to Christ that same week.

Audry states, “This passion was not limited to my family. I began to gather the young people of the neighborhood for prayer and Bible studies, and I thank God that many lives were completely transformed by the Good News.”

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